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bathroom remodel idea vintage

Adding a charm factor into your bathroom doesn’t cost you a lot always, you can do the decor and remodeling even at an affordable price.There is no need to always make a hole into your pocket for getting a modern theme bathroom. If you need smart and  cheap bathroom remodel ideas then you have certainly landed at a right place.

Vintage Decor into a Bathroom

Today, you are able to get many amazing vintage tubs, sinks, counter tops, flooring, benches, unique accents and many other things at internet auction sites. You can get many valuable items at a very cheap rate.

bathroom remodel idea vintage
Vintage tub and table for bathroom remodeling
bathroom remodel cheap
Vintage style furniture cheap bathroom remodel
bathroom vintage style decor
Vintage bathroom remodeling idea


Add a style with sprayer

A handheld sprayer installation would make a charm factor into a bathroom. You can take a bath with it. Rinsing hair is made possible and easy with the sprayer. It is good for you to clean the tub via it.

hand shower bathroom
bathroom hand shower design
hand shower for bathroom
Cheap bathroom remodel ideas: bathroom hand shower style

Opt for Re-purposed Storage

It is among the great bathroom remodel ideas for small space. You can set some wooden or glass shelves into the side of wall. These shelves allow you to place some décor items or essential items over it. A small storage cabinet is another great idea to try.

bathroom storage set
Storage setting in bathroom remodeling plan
bathroom storage set
Cheap bathroom remodeling : storage unit for bathroom

Organize your bathroom

A messy bathroom doesn’t provide the best finish. You need to buy some spring-loaded separators, small acrylic trays, valet trays,etc into your vanity drawers. The purpose is to keep essential things of bathroom in order. Don’t load side of your faucet with tons of items when you can keep them in order in the drawers. It is one of the best bathroom remodel ideas at an affordable price.

organize your bathroom things
organize your bathroom things

Pattern Shower Curtain

You can instantly add designer touch into your bathroom with the mean of pattern shower curtain. Opt for light and patterned curtains style. You can amplify the style look with the mean of colorful shower curtains.

chevron shower curtain design
Chevron shower curtain bathroom remodel ideas
Stripe design of bathroom shower curtain
Stripe design of bathroom shower curtain
latest bathroom shower curtain
Stylish bathroom shower curtain


Decorative Thin Tile bands

You are able to add some designer tile bands into your bathroom. It is among the cheap bathroom remodel ideas. You can get a thin tile band for the walls at a very reasonable rate.

bathroom tile band for decor
dark brown and white decorative tile band bathroom remodel ideas
decorative tile band for bathroom
blue tile band for bathroom remodeling


I’m sure you would surely like to try these very cost-effective bathroom remodel ideas. You can instaly change the look of bathroom via such ideas.

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