Time to Check Stunning Green living room Ideas

green living room wall paint yellow sofa

Green is a very soothing color for your living room. Interior designers have started giving a preference to this color over others as they want to give living room fresh or eclectic look. Another reason of preferring it is that it is very easy to pair it with other hues. That’s mean if you have green as a main color scheme of living room then you would be able to make a balanced theme by adding decoration accessories of other colors. There are a range of colors present in basic green, so you are able to make green living room simply wonderful by selecting lime green, sage green, mint green, etc.

living room green decor\
Light green wall decor and dark green sofa set in living room

Make stunning color combo

Good thing about green color is that it is compatible with many other colors such as black, brown and white. You are able to give your room a look you want by using green as a main color and other colors as secondary options of living room decoration.

best gren living room
Green living room rug and wall paint design
Dark green wall decor with bright white sofa set in living room
Dark green wall decor with bright white sofa set in living room

Best Green Living Room Shades

If you want to get perfect look of your living room then you need to pick right color. Green comes in many different shades, so you have to select one shade that works great. Sometimes you put a lot of effort in living room decoration but you don’t get desirable results  at the end because you chose wrongs color in the beginning. Wrong green colors are those that enhance dullness in a room and make complete environment lifeless. Right colors are those which add energy and freshness into your room. Here are some best shade ideas for green living room.

best living room decor
Grass green living room design

Garden green: When you want to add some natural beauty into your living room then you have to opt for it. When you do decoration with this color then it seems that your living room is a garden.

Green and white stripes paint on wall in a living room
Green and white stripes paint on wall in a living room
black green living room style
Green and black living room decoration ideas

green white modern living room decor

Lime Green: It is a perfect shade when you want to give a funky touch to your green living room.

green living room
Green and lemon sectional sofa in living room

green living room decor white sectional sofa and green curtains

Lemon Grass: In case you need a color that is soothing and give relaxation to your eyes and mind then you have to opt for lemon grass.

Dark green wall paint with lime green living room
Dark green wall paint with lime green living room
best living room design
Modern style green living room decoration ideas

Sage green:  The best way to give earthy or natural feelings to your living room is with this particular shade. You can make your room simply magical by combing this color with dark brown or dusky hue room accessories.

best living room designs
Sage green living room design ideas
best green living room design
English sofa set for green living room

When you want to make your green living room simply perfect and beautiful then you should make right combination of colors. For example, mix lime green with pink, silver with sage green, palm green with orange and so on. Check some ideas above and do right kind of decoration.

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