13 Home Decor Trends 2019 – Refresh your Home Look

Summer is at its peak and it is the right time to bring some new elements in your home. Follow home decor trends 2019 and add beauty to every corner. You don’t have to remodel everything, instead you can make a few design changes, and it is how you would get a style trendy home.

11 Amazing Wood Accent Wall Designs in 2019

Going to change your room walls? I suggest you to think about Wood accent wall which instill depth, warmth and texture into your space. There are many different designs when it comes to adding a beautiful accent into your wall through wood. Today, I would unlock 11 amazing designs that help you gain a focal […]

15 Best Living Room Kitchen Combo Ideas in 2019

Looking for the best living room kitchen combo ideas in 2019? I have brought my collection which help you combine both functional rooms at one place without making a compromise on privacy, beauty and style. In this article, I will tell you what to consider before removing the wall between your living room and kitchen, […]

7 Beautiful Living Room Divider Ideas to Bring Privacy into Your Space

Sometimes, you really want to have separate room in your apartment. Beautiful living room divider comes handy in that scenario. An apartment has shared space which you can separate smartly with a divider and have your private living room, kitchen or even bedroom. Let’s check some clever living room divider ideas.

Living room yellow walls, How to Set it Right ?

So, you have decided for a living room yellow walls theme. One thing I should tell you at this point is that this kind of theme isn’t so easy to set. If you opt for black or white living room, you can do remodeling in a week. However, things change quickly when you have a […]

13 Exposed Brick Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Pictures

When you are planning to add a refreshing Scandinavian look and appeal into your space then exposed brick bedroom decoration seem like a great option. You can either opt for a standard brick wall or give a try to realistic brick wallpaper. You need to set this kind of wall as a background your bedroom […]

How to Set an Eclectic kitchen with Elegance and style? Consider 6 Factors

Setting an eclectic kitchen is not a tricky task but it requires careful selection of decorative pieces, cabinets and theme for your space. It is suggested to pay attention to a few factors before you implement this eye-catching style in your kitchen. Today, I would like to share details of these factors which let you […]

How to Decorate an Eclectic Living Room ? Check Some Tips

When you are confuse about your living room style then the best style you can pull quickly is eclectic living room. People think that setting this kind of theme means putting some random decorative items and furniture at one place. It is not the right eclectic theme approach. Today, I would like to share some […]

14 Foyer in a House Decorating Ideas

Foyer in a house is an entry space or hallway which connects entrance to other rooms. In other words, it is a space where you welcome your guests and take them to other rooms like a bedroom or living room. Foyer is a French word Le Foyer that means an entrance hall. This hall could […]

24 Colors That Go With Yellow in Your Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen

Planning for home renovation? Looking for some stunning colors that go with yellow theme you have in mind? Certainly, you are at the right place. Today, I’m going to unlock  details of 24 colors which makes an enticing contrast with yellow and let you add robust appeal in any space. Yellow is my favorite color […]