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10 Look-Changing bathroom remodel ideas

Today, every person wants to decorate the bathroom in the modern and stylish way, However, it is not possible to spend a lot. Instead of making complete change into your bathroom, you should make a step-by-step change. In this way, you would be able to remodel your bathroom at a price that you can afford.

Modern fixture light bathroom remodeling plan
Modern fixture light bathroom remodeling plan

1.Make some impact with lights

If you choose right light for your bathroom then you can create a good impact in it. You should place right light sources in the right place. The best place to set the light is to set lights above the mirror or on the both sides. You can also enhance the look of your bathroom, if you focus on roof lights.

bathroom light decor
bathroom lights for great interior impact
ideas of bathroom remodeling
light is important in bathroom remodeling ideas

2.Try Wainscoting

You can make the bathroom wall very interesting with the mean of wainscoting. You can use them along with colorful wall. For example, you are able to use wainscoting with purple, black or some other colors. The cost of wainscoting isn’t very high but you can make changes via it.

bathroom wainscoting modern style
Modern wainscoting bathroom remodeling ideas
bathroom remodel wainscoting
Wainscoting in bathroom

3. Opt for colorful shower curtain

A boring look of bathroom can be made interesting and attractive with the mean of colorful shower curtains. The pattern or printed curtain with bold colors seems very amazing in a bathroom. You can get matching curtain, rug, or essentials of bathroom just to give a boost to overall look of your bathroom.

bathroom curtain floral pattern
Black and white shower curtain bathroom remodel ideas
pink white shower curtain bathroom remodeling
bathroom pink white shower curtain
bathroom shower cutrains
Shower curtain two-tone for bathroom

4.Try Modern Light Fixture

The outdated look of a bathroom can easily be modernize with modern light fixtures, it is one of the best bathroom remodel ideas. You are able to find tons of modern fixtures that cost less than hundred bucks.It is good for you to give your fixture very fresh coat with metallic spray print.

bathroom fixture light decor
Fixture lights on both sides of mirror
decor fixture lights modern bathroom
bathroom fixture lights for decor
fixture lights for bathroom remodeling
bathroom remodel ideas- fixtures lights

5.Set shutters

There is no need to opt for traditional window treatment when you can adore the look of your bathroom with the mean of shutters. You can opt for either wood or vinyl shutters , yet the latter option is less costly. This is among the latest bathroom remodel ideas that can instantly enhance the look.

beige bathroom white shutters
White window shutter for beige bathroom
setting of white bathroom shutters
White bathroom shutter replacement
set brown shutter in bathroom
Brown Shutter bathroom remodel ideas

6. Place Some Rugs

If you want to draw attention away some undesirable places of your bathroom then you can do it with the mean of best designed rugs. If you have some colors in the wall then you can choose matching rugs for your bathroom. You need to choose a rug that can withstand bathroom moisture and features with a nonslip back.

rug set for bathroom
bathroom rugs set
white bathroom remodel rug
big rug setting in white bathroom
bathroom remodeling rugs settings
Red rug for bathroom remodeling

7.Add Custom Shelves

It is indeed one of the great bathroom remodel ideas for small space. When you don’t have enough area of storage and décor then you should install some shelves on an unused wall. You can set some decorative items and grooming supplies on it.

bathroom shelves remodeling
Bathroom shelves for towel
pedestal sink bathroom remodel
Stylish pedestal sink
bathroom remodeling and decor ideas
S-style bathroom shelves for decor and remodeling
small bathroom decor pedestal sink
Pedestal sink for small bathroom remodeling

8.Try a Sleek Pedestal sink

Another great idea for bathroom remodel is pedestal sink. This idea is good for a small bathroom, you can easily install pedestal sink that comes without a boxy vanity. A sleek pedestal sink can easily adjust into a small space.

bathroom pedestal sink
Modern pedestal sink for bathroom
pedestal sink bathroom remodel
Stylish pedestal sink

9.Paint your Vanity

You can easily fresh up vanity of your bathroom with the mean of a fresh coat of paint. You can try bold paint colors since it would look very amazing. Replacing vanity might not be an economical option for you, so it is good to enhance the appearance of bathroom with paints. Even you can make custom vanity. If you have a dresser at home then hire a cabinetmaker for cutting a hole in the top just to fit a drop-in sink. You can cover the top of dresser with a slab of your choice. It is one of the best bathroom remodel ideas that cost you a little.

bathroom vanity paint remodeling plan
Paint bathroom vanity
Peachy Pink paint for vanity cabinets-bathroom remodel ideas
Peachy Pink paint for vanity cabinets-bathroom remodel ideas

10.Add stylish Mirror

You are able to give a finished look to your bathroom with the mean of an aesthetic mirror. There is no need to do a lot, just change your bathroom mirror. You can go with or without trim. It is good to enhance the look with a trim to the mirror. Different shapes of bathroom mirrors are available; such shapes will boost up overall appearance of the bathroom. Browse the web, just to find the best mirror.

bathroom mirror style
Antique style mirror
bathroom remodeling set mirror
beautiful mirror bathroom remodel idea
unique style of mirror for bathroom remodeling
unique style of mirror for bathroom remodeling

Now what are you waiting for? Go and try any of these bathroom remodel ideas that would give a modern touch to your bathroom.





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