10 Tips for Doing Kitchen remodeling in a Right way

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Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? You need to know how to do kitchen remodeling in a way that it ease your lifestyle and also add aesthetic value to your home. Here are 10 important things you need to consider.

kitchen remodeling ideas

Best ways of kitchen remodeling

1.Get Quality Material

It’s not easy to renovate your kitchen again and again. Therefore, it is essential to buy quality material instead of low quality.  You should get top-quality drawer slides, hardware and hinges, so cabinets stick with their place for long time. As far as cabinet interior is concerned, you need to go with wood veneer as it is more durable than melamine, laminate or particleboard.

kitchen cabinets design pictures

Best kitchen cabinet design

2.Decide about cabinets Heights

When you have 7-8 foot ceilings then you should choose that cabinets which go to the ceilings,. In this way you have extra storage space. When ceilings are higher than 8 foot then you need to keep some space between cabinets and ceilings almost 15-18 inches.

best kitchen remodeling

Country style kitchen remodeling design

3.Paint or Stain wood Cabinets

You have two main options for cabinets kitchen remodeling. First option is stained-wood cabinetry but its finishes don’t last longer. Brush-painted cabinets are a better option. You are able to choose your favorite paint color for kitchen.

kitchen remodel tips

Wood cabinets for kitchen remodeling

cabinets design for kitchen

Stained wood cabinets

grey kitchen remodeling

Grey kitchen cabinets paint

4.Pick Stunning kitchen Countertops

You have many different options for countertops such as marble, granite, or simple wood. Mostly people prefer granite countertops as they come at a reasonable price and last longer.

kitchen granite countertops

Kitchen Grey-black countertops

best kitchen design

Kitchen backsplash and countertops renovation

5.Set the best Island

It is an important part of kitchen remodeling. You need to have an open and airy island that works great. It’s good to have a dishwasher-sin combo on it. But again you have to maintain light look of this table.

best kitchen ideas and remodeling

Kitchen Island design ideas

best kitchen islands

kitchen island design

kitchen remodel

kitchen remodeling with an island

6.Keep Decor Simple and stylish

There is no need to overdo any detail in your kitchen. Sometimes, you focus more on particular design accents like pediments, cabinets plaster moulding, etc .Such emphasis make your kitchen different from rest of home and this is what you don’t like to see.

kitchen renovation

Renovate kitchen cabinets and countertops

7.Think about Decor Maintenance

Before you get anything for kitchen, you must have to think about its maintenance once. We all love to install stainless steel kitchen sink but keep in mind that it’s not simple to keep it smudge free. White laminate countertops and ceramic floors looks wonderful but it is not easy to clean them, in addition you they show everything.

best kitchen remodeling

White kitchen remodel ideas

8.Buy Basic appliance

If you want to do kitchen remodeling in a budget then it is good for you to stick with basic appliance. There is no need to have a lot  of appliances at one place. The best way to save money is to install a cooking range instead of setting separate oven and cooktop.

best kitchen remodeling

kitchen cooking range

9.Set Adjacent dining room

You have seen many modern style kitchen with adjacent dining room. You can try same approach in your own kitchen. There is only a need to smartly implement this idea.

dining room in kitchen

Kitchen with adjacent dining room

best kitchen dining room

Kitchen remodeling with combined white dining room

10.Make it Inspirational

It is good to follow every point of kitchen remodeling but one thing that you must add into it is your personal interest. You can add your favorite decor items in it. When it comes to color selection, you can follow trend but don’t forget to add your favorite colors into kitchen in the form of accessories or essential items.

best kitchen design

Stylish kitchen design

best kitchen remodeling

Inspirational kitchen remodel ideas

Always follow these 10 tips of kitchen remodeling, when you want to do renovation in a correct and effective way.

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