14 Foyer in a House Decorating Ideas

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Foyer in a house is an entry space or hallway which connects entrance to other rooms. In other words, it is a space where you welcome your guests and take them to other rooms like a bedroom or living room. Foyer is a French word Le Foyer that means an entrance hall. This hall could be a part of theater, home or an apartment. This entrance hall or open area is used by public to take an entry into a room.

Simple budget idea for decorating foyer lobby

How to Decorate Foyer in a House?

Do you want to know how to enhance beauty of your home or apartment’s foyer or entry hall? Today, I would like to share some ideas with you. This space is usually wide enough to decorate with some accessories and furniture. Foyer Table is one of the common furniture items you can set in this space. This table comes in wide variety of shapes, colors and designs. Therefore, you can pick a table that matches to your style and theme.

Stylish decoration of grey wall white foyer table in lobby

Foyer needs some storage space. So, you need to have a storage cabinet set in that area. First, you need to decide what you have to store in this area such as hats, shoes, scarf, keys, and accessories.

Modern foyer decor and design ideas with cupboard and table Home entry decorating

When it comes to decorating a foyer, you should have a floor mat or rug. Don’t opt for plain designs, try to bring some extra beauty into that space with some cool patterns such as stripes, floral, graphics,etc.Foyer entry design ideas

Wall art is another thing which you can’t afford to miss. Some people like to have family photo frames in that entry hall of the room. These frames quickly offer an introduction of family members in a very stylish manner. So, you would know how family looks like even before you take an entry into a living room or bedroom.

Foyer decorating ideas

When you have a foyer table, don’t forget to decorate it with art pieces or vases. Putting a big colorful vase on the center of the table seem like a great idea.Every day, you can put some fresh flowers in this vase.

Romantic touch can be added to foyer with the mean of a candle stand. You can put this stand on a foyer table. Even LED light candles can be used for this decoration purpose. placing candles next to adorable accent pieces would enhance charm of your entry hallway to a great extent.

Wall decor ideas in an apartment and home lobby

A big framed wall-mirror is another option. People who don’t have a very vast foyer gives an impression of large space by setting a big mirror on the wall. Even you can adore beauty of your space by installing sconces next to mirror.

Foyer stylish table design for entry

When it comes to proper lighting, you can install a modern chandelier or pendant lights on the ceiling of your entry hallway.

Foyer decor with a cupboard and mirror in hallway White table in the foyer decorating ideas

A modern way to decorate a foyer in a house is to create a bookshelf inside the wall of hallway. You can use this bookshelf not only to store books but also to put on some art and craft pieces. This idea would look great when foyer immediately connects to a living room. Setting a shelf inside the connected wall of living room and foyer would serve decorative item for both space.Foyer decor with a cupboard and mirror in hallway Modern decorating ideas in lobby

I have shared some ideas with which you can enhance beauty of a foyer in a house and decorate it in a very stylish manner. Still need some ideas? Feel free to ask.

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