15 Best Living Room Kitchen Combo Ideas in 2019

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Looking for the best living room kitchen combo ideas in 2019? I have brought my collection which help you combine both functional rooms at one place without making a compromise on privacy, beauty and style. In this article, I will tell you what to consider before removing the wall between your living room and kitchen, how and when to make this combo. Continue reading and explore more.

What to Consider Before Making Living Room Kitchen Combo?

Before you turn both rooms into one , make sure you know some factors associated with this design.

Major problem which you might face is to keep your kitchen area tidy and neat all the time. Because it would be connected to a living room where you have your family member and guests. However, when you are an efficient house woman who cleans all the time , this idea might suit to your needs. And you don’t have to skip it.

Another problem is that even when you keep kitchen clean, you can’t stop heat and aroma of food spread in your living room. In western countries, people don’t use kitchen all the time. However, in Eastern countries they cook everything at home. So, combining a living room with your kitchen in that countries won’t be a right choice.

Weather would also play an important role. When you are living in a country where weather remains hot all the time then you shouldn’t think of combo plan at all because it won’t work for you.

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How to decorate an open kitchen in living room


Black and white kitchen living room combo ideas

When You can Combine your living room and Kitchen?

Here are some situations where you can think of this combo and it would work in your favor.

When you have a small kitchen space with a connected lobby then you can easily increase overall room space by removing the wall. You would get extra functional space in your kitchen. And , at the same time your living room would have extra lighting from the kitchen window.

In an apartment, when space is limited and you want to try have it all concept.  Most of us live in a two bedroom apartment. We know that we are out of space all the time. So, instead of keeping two different sections for living room and kitchen one can make a combo. Main purpose of having a combination is to acquire freedom of movement and wide open space.

In one room luxurious compact studio, an interior designer usually like to combine living room with kitchen just to bring all necessities of life at one place.Moder white bedroom with brick wallaper Modern brown grey red theme living room and kitchen designs in apartment Modern grey living room sectional sofa combo white red kitchen Modern living room combined with kitchen ideas Modern small kitchen combo with living room

How to make a Beautiful Living Room Kitchen Combo?

First thing you need to do is to have a great plan in mind. You can use a pen and paper and sketch your desirable living room kitchen combo floor plans. I suggest you to check some floor plans online to get an idea what will go where. You can explore different pictures which will also provide you clear layout ideas. You would be able to know how to set a breakfast nook table next to your living room furniture with extra beauty and elegance than before.

Once you have a proper plan, next thing you need to do is to remove the partition. You can remove the wall completely or have a half of this structure to use it as a beautiful divider later. Even when you have sort of privacy in your kitchen, you can make the most from privacy screens, dividers or inside-the-wall fish aquarium designs, etc. There are countless options you can try.

You can pick same color and theme for your living room and kitchen or opt for some contrast. However, you must have to blend similar shade in both space , so overall look of this combo is coherent. You can add same color a bit in both area , don’t over do it.

Make sure you choose different flooring for kitchen and living room, so one who cross the line easily know where he is standing.


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