Stunning 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity Style Ideas

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You always need to pick vanity size according to available space. Normally, 24 inch bathroom vanity is the best for small bathroom. When you search in the market, then you find many different options for styles, design, shapes and theme. So, you have to make the right choice. If you find it somewhat tricky what exactly you need to choose then read this article. After quick reading, you get an idea what kind of vanity seems perfect for your space.

24 Bathroom Vanity with Sink

You can find a vanity with different styles of sinks. Offset sink style is commonly available in the market. People prefer it on other styles as it offers sleek and compact look to a space. You can also find a vanity without sink. In such case, you have to get a separate vessel sink to set on the countertop. It is a fact that vessel sink design look extremely cute and adorable. It adds contemporary appeal into your bathroom.

24 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Drawers

You need to decide how many drawers you want to see in your vanity. Normal option comes with three to six drawers but you can increase or decrease this number. Even you can get vanity combo as well because this option would help you make the most from a style. Cabinets and drawer combination in a vanity allow you to organize all types and size of toiletries in your bathroom. You don’t have to install extra shelving system.

24 inch Vanity White and Black

Two most stylish colors that many homeowners love is black and white. You can set black vanity in a bathroom with white floor and wall tiles. Another option is to go with black wall tiles and flooring and set white 24 inch vanity. No matter what options you choose, it turns out with a black and white bathroom theme. People like both colors as they are long lasting. Although you can go with other color options, but sooner or later you like to replace it with some other neutral colors. It is quite hard to spend money on vanity cabinets again and again, so it is better to make a right choice from very start. Always set a proper theme in your mind and then go for vanity shopping.

24 Bathroom Vanity with Top or Without top

This is another choice you have to make. Mostly people like to pick with top options as they need plain simple space in their bathroom. This top can be decorated with flowers and plants and this way beauty of this room can be enhanced to a great extent. As far as vanity without top option is concerned, only a few people like to consider it. However, you have to keep a basic fact in mind that this option makes your bathroom standout from other spaces. It comes with aesthetic contemporary appeal that you always like to have.

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