3 Amazing kids Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

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Decoration of your kids bathroom is a thing that you love to do. You always want to set their bathroom in a stylish and chic way. It is always advisable to set some theme in mind, if you want to accentuate the beauty of bathroom with a modern touch. When you have a proper theme in mind then rest of setting won’t be a daunting task. Some people like to apply theme on wall, which is indeed very expensive option. However, those who still want to add some theme to bathroom but with an affordable price must explore 3 very cool kids bathroom shower curtain ideas. Instead of applying theme on wall, you can set it on shower curtain, towel or some other affordable things. Let’s start exploring some great ideas now.

colorful showver curtain

Idea No.1 Cartoon style Kids Bathroom Shower Curtain

Your kids love to watch cartoon, so ask them what cartoon they like the most. When you know their choice, you would find it easy to find a shower curtain that has their favorite cartoon printing over it. For example, if your kids love to watch Mickey Mouse then you can apply red or white style theme in the bathroom. You only need to get bin, cabinets, shower curtain, towels or some other essential things with Mickey mouse theme.

cartoon shower curtain

Ocean Cartoon theme kids bathroom shower curtain idea

alphabets curtain for bathroom shower

Alphabets and Cartoon shower curtain for kids bathroom

red shower curtain kids

Mickey Mouse theme kids bathroom shower curtain idea

Idea No.2 Zoo or Animal style Kids Bathroom shower Curtain

Another great theme that you can apply in the bathroom is the animal or zoo. Zoo has different animals such as bears, zebra, giraffe, lion, tiger, etc. Interestingly, it is not difficult for you to locate animal print shower curtain that you can hang in the bathroom. This idea is simpler to try than that of cartoon theme, since you can get any animal shower curtain for the kids bathroom decoration.

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colorful shower curtain for kids

Colorful Zebras Design kids shower curtain

zoo shower curtain

Shower curtain for kids with zoo print

elepant print shower curtain

Animal print kids bathroom shower curtain

Idea No.3 Girly style Kids Bathroom Shower Curtain

In case your little girl doesn’t want to see animal or cartoon as a shower curtain then you should focus on girly theme. It is advisable to get colorful flower or roses shower curtain for the bathroom decoration. Flowers would enhance the beauty of kids bathroom to a great extent and give it a perfect girly appeal. As you all know girls love to watch Disney Princess cartoon, so your little girl may love to see Disney princesses’ theme shower curtain in her bathroom. Good thing is that it is not very difficult to get this cartoon movie inspired shower curtain since it is quite famous all over the globe.

little girls bathroom shower curtain

Flower style little girl shower curtain

disney princess shower curtain kids

Disney Princess theme Shower Curtain for Girls

cartoon shower curtain for kids

Cartoon with Pink Bow design shower curtain for girls bathroom

Last but not the least, adding some theme to kids bathroom with a shower curtain seems to be an affordable and great option. There is no need to spend thousands of bucks always for grabbing a high class bathroom setting for your kids, especially when you have some affordable home décor option.



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