How to Pick 30 Inch Bathroom Vanity for Small Bathroom

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When you have small space in your bathroom, then you have to go with 30 inch bathroom vanity. This is indeed a right size for small space. In a small area, you have to install a toilet, vanity with sink and shower. So, it is good to manage this space in a right way. Here is how you can pick the best 30″ vanity for your bathroom.

Freestanding or Wall mount Vanity

You have two main styles of bathroom vanities such as wall mounted and freestanding. Wall mounted install with wall and it usually cover more space than other option. As far as freestanding bathroom  vanity is concerned, it takes less space.If you need a bit of modern touch in your space, you can opt for floating vanities which offer free space in the down area. You can decorate this area with rug or simply leave it just to make your space airy. Don’t miss DIY Bathroom Vanity Installation guide.

30 Inch Bathroom Vanities Colors

You have to select a color of vanity based on your bathroom theme. If you want to create an illusion of large space in small bathroom, then you should stay away from dark shade vanities. Go with soft light colors that simply turn small bathroom into large one. A contrasting theme is also possible, you can go with dark vanities while keeping toilet seat and wall color very light.

Some people think that if they simply downsize a bathroom vanity, they might open up the room. This is indeed a bad decision. You should try to add a small size vanity in your bathroom, as it is an integral part of overall furnishings and style.

Always Prefer Quality of Material

When you are going to buy 30 inch bathroom vanity, you should always give a preference to quality of material. You might cut some costs by getting a low quality material but very soon it will look worn out. In such case, you have to spend money again on a new vanity.Instead of replacing vanities again and again, try to pick one vanity that is made up of high quality material.
Check doors of 30 Bathroom Vanities

Before you select any vanity, you have to check whether doors function properly or not. Make sure that door opening mechanism is perfect. Sometimes, you get a vanity which has bad door opening mechanism. You have to face hurdle in opening the door. It might scrape against your small bathroom shower or toilet seat. Therefore, it is quite important for you to check its opening mechanism beforehand.

30 inch Bathroom Vanity with Top and Sink

Normally, this size of vanity comes with single sink. As far as top is concerned, you need to pick one that comes with granite top. Reason is that this top is quite durable. Marble is another choice that allows you to make beautiful color combinations. Wooden top is not really a good option for homeowners.

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