Best Design Variety for 36 inch Bathroom Vanity

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If you are going to purchase 36 inch bathroom vanity then you need to wait as I am going to highlight varied style and design options. You need to know about all available options,so you can pick the best option for your bathroom.

36” inch Bathroom Vanity with Top

When you search this vanity top then two options are very common: one is marble and second is granite. Both options are very expensive. As they are natural stones, so they feature high durability as compare to other countertop options. But if you can’t afford high price then you can find bath vanity with cheap tops. Laminate top comes with reasonable price and usually homeowners prefer this type on other available options. Normally, people love to grab a vanity with white top as it looks simply stunning.

36 Vanity with Drawers and Cabinets

You are able to explore many design varieties based on only drawers  or cabinets or both. Depending on your personal choice, you are able to pick a design which comes with drawers on left or right side. You can grab vanity with only drawers or cabinets options or both in the same design. When you want to keep small toiletries items in your bathroom, then vanity with drawers seems like the best option.In case you require more storage space then pick vanity with big cabinets.

36 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink

Once you done with selection of countertop, drawers  and cabinets, the next step is to pick the best sink design. You can find vanity with vessel sink, this kind looks very modern. A small vessel sink on the top looks simply adorable. You can grab either transparent, white , black or matching theme color of sink for setting on the top. Vessel sink adds style and look of your bathroom to a great extent. Another option is 36” bathroom vanity with offset sink. Sink is built in vanity. This design brings compact look.

Find Vanity based on theme

You are able to select a vanity according to a preset theme. Country bathroom style requires you to pick either antique or traditional designs. Wood color seems like the best option in this scenario. When you have to decorate your bathroom in a modern way then you have to match vanity color with overall theme. This means that black and white bathroom theme requires you to pick either white or black vanity cabinets. If you have a desire to set luxury theme, then you need to pick those vanities which look ultra modern. The price of luxury vanity cabinets is usually higher as compared to other designs, therefore you usually find them in luxurious apartments and villas.

Dig into  Different Designs of 36 Inch Bathroom Vanities

I have highlight main design and style options for you. It’s time to start digging into the pictures. This discovery would help you choose the best design that is perfectly matched with your requirement.

stylish wooden floating bathroom vanity with offset sink dark red 36 bathroom vanity with cabinets and drawers contempoary white bathroom vanity with left drawers and unique shape mirror plum bathroom vanity 36 inch with double sink and frameless mirror modern 36 bathroom vanity wooden finish with black round sink black 36 inch bathroom vanity with drawers and unique design white sink luxury 36 inch vanity with double vessel sinks and antique frame mirrors 36 inch black and white bathroom vanity  with side cabinets and black framed mirror bathroom vanity without top 36 inch designs 36 inch bathroom vanity wooden cabinets white big single sink

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