Change Appearance with 42 inch Bathroom Vanity

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Do you want to add an element of style and beauty in your bath, you should consider a 42 inch bathroom vanity. If you think that you can save your bathroom space by installing a small size vanity, then you are mistaken. Only a large size vanity such as 42 or 48 inch is the best option for master or large size bathroom. They allow you to make the most from available space.  You should consider this size as it makes your space very functional and best of all, very eye-catching.

42 inch Bathroom Vanity with Enough Counter Space

The first benefit you grab from this style is that it brings very good counter space. You can keep your shampoo, shaving machines, gels, and other items on it. But it is good if you try to use this space in an elegant manner. In another words, you can use this space as a decoration counter. Set small lamps, flowers, vases, wax candles, etc on it and you would love to see the end result of your effort.  Your bathroom would look simply stunning.

42 Bathroom Vanity Double Sink

This is another best feature available with large size vanities. Double sink allow two persons to use bathroom at a time. Couple loves this option as it save their time and let them get ready for office or  routine work easily. There is no need to wait for each other at all. Time saving is indeed the best advantage you get from this type.

Vanity with Good Storage Space

It is another great feature you enjoy with 42 inch vanities. You are able to have different style options in drawers and cabinets. One style is vanity with drawers only, second is with cabinets only and third option brings both cabinets and drawers. As you get enough space, it simply implies that you can keep toilet papers, towels and washcloth inside. It becomes really easy for you to organize toiletries in the best way. Therefore, you don’t have to face mess in this space.

Utmost Style Options

It is quite easy for you to pick a vanity based on your theme. There are many different color options available in the market. White 42 inch vanity looks very graceful and it is among the most popular color choices for master bathroom. As cost of large vanity is high, therefore people like to stick with those colors that are ever-green such as wooden, white and black. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pick other colors. You can surely enhance overall style and grace of a space with colored bathroom. The best colors in such cases are skin, purple, pink and blue.

So, it is good to adore your master bathroom with 42 inch vanities. They offer you best storage space, pretty counter area, ultimate style options and double sink. In simple words, you are able to enjoy many benefits from it.

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