6 Things to Consider Before Buying 48 inch Bathroom Vanity

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When you visit a home interior stores, you can find vanities with varied sizes such as 24”,30”,36”,48”,60” and 72” inch. But many homeowners like to pick 48 inch bathroom vanity because it is neither too large nor too small. You can set it in medium size bathroom. It enhances overall design of a space and also serve its main purposes such as efficient storage, boost up in design, toiletries organization, etc. Best of all, it allows you to make the most from a limited bathroom space. When you are going to buy 48 bathroom vanity, you have to consider some important points.

1.Pick vanity According to theme

You must have preset theme in your mind such as contemporary, luxury, antique and traditional. When you know what theme you are going to set in a space then it will become easy for you to select a vanity that matches to your preset theme in all possible manners. You need to pink sink, toilet seat, shelves and other material of your bathroom based on this theme or design in your mind.

2.Decide about 48 inch Bathroom Vanity Top

When it comes to countertop material selection, you have different vanity options -laminates, composite materials, ceramic tiles, wood , stainless steel, stone, marble, granite, etc. Fact is that it is quite hard for you to manage a wooden top. It requires your constant attention for cleaning and finishing. The best countertop  material that is also easy to manage is that of stone. However, it is also an expensive option. But you need to know that this material worth the price.

3.48″ inch Bathroom Vanities Styles

You are able to find many different styles in this vanity such as free standing, wall mounted , floating or small compact. Wall mounted style requires you to get plumbing services. Good thing about free-standing and floating 48 vanity bathroom is that you don’t need any professional help. You can set it own your own. So, try to pick a style that looks great in your bathroom.

4.Pick vanity Based on Storage Requirements

If you need good storage then try to pick a vanity that comes with built in shelving system, cabinets and doors. In case you don’t want to organize toiletries (since you have some other cabinet for this purpose), then all you have to focus on compact style vanity. It comes with adequate space but it is more about good look and less about storage options.

5.Bathroom Vanity with Framed Cabinets

These days,y ou can find either framed or frame-less cabinets in vanities for bathroom. You have to pick one option based on your theme. An antique or country theme bathroom needs framed style vanity cabinets. However, if you need contemporary bathroom look and appeal then none other than frameless and European style vanities would serve this only purpose.

6.48 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Single sink

People who want to add a bit of style and elegance into their medium size bathroom, should pick some enticing sink designs. Modern sinks always help you amplify aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. As you have only one sink to choose, then try to pick one that is completely awesome.

wood finish bathroom vanity 48 inch bathroom vanity copper shade with 48 inch bathroom vanities with double offset white sink and matching bathtub antique luxury touch to bathroom mirror and black 48 inch vanity black bathroom 48 inch vanity with white sinks and large mirrors rustic bathroom vanity 48 inch in grey blue shade with single sink small bathroom wood vanity with granite white counterop wood framed mirror with double sink white country style bathroom vanity 48 inches with wooden countertops and singl modern 48 bathroom vanity with double vessel sink mirror and cabinets modern bathroom cherry vanity cabinets with granite countertops and colored wallpap

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