5 Things to Consider before getting Stainless steel Kitchen Sink

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Stainless steel kitchen sink is quite popular all over globe. The main reason of its fame is that it cleans up quickly and gives a chic look to your kitchen. You are able to find a wide variety of this sink such as one bowl or two, undermount or overmount. You should pick a design that complement overall design of your kitchen. Once you decide what stainless steel kitchen sink design you need then you have to buy it. But before you buy a sink, it is good for you to consider five important things.

best kitchen sink

Single bowl kitchen sink design ideas

best kitchen sink

modern design of Stainless steel kitchen sink

1.Guage metal of Sink

It is important for you to choose right guage of metal, when it comes to stainless steel kitchen sink. You can find 16-guage, 18-guage, 22-guage, etc sink. It is a fact that when you opt for 22-guage then metal is vulnerable to denting and vibrant, it won’t handle a garbage disposer. High guage metal sink is normally thin around the edges, that’s mean it is somehow unable to support heavy weight of a quality faucet.

kitchen sink design

Two bowl stainless steel kitchen sink

2.Try to Pick a sink with  back-friendly depth

You can find  6-inch, 9-inch or 10-inch deep stainless steel kitchen sink. It is good to know that six inch deep sink doesn’t hold much. You should go with nine or ten inch deep sink because it holds a lot. It seems to be a great option for you when you have limited countertop space. You should also need to know that an undermount sink could be very low and it could strain your back. In such case, you need to buy a basin rack.

kitchen deep sinks

deep kitchen sink

3.Must Do Thump test

You should get a stainless steel kitchen that has rubbery under coatings and pads. Such sink will cancel noise of running water and clattering silverware. In addition, it decreases condensation in the base cabinet. When a sink sounds like a drum then it might be lightweight or naked.

best kitchen sink

Modern style of kitchen sink with adequate space

4.Try to Study Kitchen Sink Ingredients

You need 300 series stainless steel sink which is about 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. Such ingredients provide maximum corrosion and stain resistance. If a sink holds magnet then it is not 300 series, keep magnet with you as it helps you find the right kitchen sink.

modern kitchen sink

Unique style of kitchen sink

5.Must get sink with Brainy drain

You need to get a stainless steel kitchen sink that comes with drain assemblies and baskets. Normally, you need to take a sink that has a rear drain to the left or right. It makes you work quickly when dishes are piled in the sink.

drain kitchen sink design

kitchen sink with drain

When you consider these main points then you are able to find the best stainless steel kitchen sink.


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