72 inch Bathroom Vanity Offer Luxury Touch to Master Bathroom

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If you have large space in your master bath, then you definitely have to think about 72 inch bathroom vanity. It adds an instant luxury appeal into your space. You are able to grab many benefits after the installation of such vanity. Today, I would like to uncover these benefits for you and also give you a chance to explore a great collection of best  design ideas.

Ultimate Luxury Feel

Many homeowners prefer 72 inch vanity for their master bathroom just because it offers their bathroom a luxury touch. All you have to do is to choose best quality granite or marble counters for this vanity and you will get the most desirable look from it.

Decorate Master Bathroom with Style

72 inch bathroom vanity offers you very large top space. You can use this space for installing two matching beautiful sinks, two mirrors or one long mirror and for applying many different decor ideas. You might have seen a bathroom with plants, candles and vases decoration. Such bath seems like a room from  your dream but now you can make this dreamy bath easily in your home. All you have to do is to pick a large vanity with wide counter space. Use this space not only for sinks but also for decoration. Use candles on the side of sinks and close to bath tubs just to enjoy a romantic bath whenever you want.

If you want to keep your bathroom space airy and fresh then you can decorate countertops of 72 inch vanity with indoor plants. Place some elegant looking long vases and fill them with fresh flowers. This way you are going to add aroma and freshness in your master bathroom. This is one of the best bathroom decorating ideas that you would love to follow.

72 inch Bathroom Vanity Offers Enough Storage Space

You don’t need to decorate your master bath with a simple vanity as it doesn’t make the most from available space. If you go with standard size vanity then you won’t use your available space in a right way. 72 inch vanity will allow you to make the most from this large bathroom. You are able to get enough storage space which can be used to store many different items. You don’t need a separate medicine cabinets or towel closet because you would be able to keep all such things in the vanity cabinets.

Best Bath Vanity for Couple

When you have a standard vanity then only one person can use it at a time. However, when you have 72 inch bathroom vanity  then it comes with double sink. It simply means that two person can get ready for office and work at the same time. There is no need to wait for each other and get late.

In short, when you want to use your master bathroom space efficiently and also want to increase storage with optimum luxury touch then you should install 72 inch vanity. This installation will increase your home resale value and also add an element of comfort and beauty in your bath.

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