15 Best Placement Ideas of Accent Chair with Ottoman

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Do you need seamless examples of accent chair with ottoman? You have hit the right page. Here you would be able to explore some great ideas of enhancing look of your sunroom, bedroom, or living room by making a beautiful combination of accent chairs and ottomans.

Offer Simple look with Occasion Chair and Ottoman

Occasion chairs are light weight and you can set them almost anywhere. Pick armless chair as it is easy to move to a room where seating need arises. When it comes to proper setting of it with an ottoman, you should make a combo with tufted style. The only idea is to make a beautiful combination of simple and sophisticated designs. Matching colors of both items isn’t necessary. You just have to add a good combination of style and colors.

Give Modern Touch with Slipper Chair and flat Ottoman

This combination is quite common in modern living room and bedroom setting. You can set an armless upholstered chair which color matches with your bedroom furniture sets. When it comes to setting teen girl bedroom, you can either match colors or just add a funky color accent chair with matching flat soft ottoman. This setting is very common in small apartment next to a fireplace.

Luxury Setting is Possible with Wingedback Accent chair with Ottoman

If you want to add a bit of luxury touch in your vintage living room then you have to grab a stylish winged back chair with tufted or nailhead ottoman. Though simple flat ottoman can also look great but try to add a bit of formal touch in your overall decoration.  The size of this chair is usually large, therefore it becomes a common counterpart of large sofa.Two winged back accent chairs with one soft tufted or flat surface ottoman is often spotted in luxury bedroom. So, you can follow the same decoration pattern either in your bedroom or living room. If you have a sunroom then set it next to a fireplace.  You get relaxation while sitting on this perfectly placed chair.

Get Classic Appeal with Bergere and Ottoman

Do you have  rustic or country living room? The best chair in this theme would be bergere. The reason is that it offers you vintage appeal with great comfort. This seems like a good accent chair with ottoman when you don’ t want to grab over-formal decoration in a room. A pair of sofa is often tucked with matching ottoman at the side of a bedroom.  A sunroom is often decorated with this classic appeal furniture. The Bergere gained name and fame in the 17th century as a part of “Palace Life”. It makes one thing clear to you that  a palace kind of touch can easily be injected into a room with this chair placement.

In short, you should choose the best accent chair and ottoman combination depending on your theme of a room. You need to set this furniture item in the best possible manner.

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