Adding a Hint of Apple Green Color in small Apartment

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There are special skills required for adding a hint of apple green color in small apartments where the space is not vast enough to be utilized. If you have a small space to deal with, you should never try to use extra bright or bold colors in it because they can make your rooms; kitchen and the overall space look congested or much suffocated. Therefore, the home decors do not suggest homeowners to set big sized recliners, sofa and the stuff like this in a small space, all the furniture in one place can make it look overcrowded.

Living room theme with apple green mat and grey sofa set

Graphical walls for small apartment

Apple green mat for living room

Apple green marble in the living room of small apartment

Apple green kitchen counters and graphical walls

Apple green breakfast nook table and kitchen floor theme

Always keep in mind that there must be some space for you at least, the room should be airy even though it is not wide or broad, and you need to put as less accessories as possible in it to get peace of mind. How can a crowded apartment mess with your peace by the way? It can really mess in different ways, suppose you are already suffering from mental trauma of some kind or a depression which is not going away even you have taken a lot of treatments, what else do you expect from your environment? You may want to live near a beach or near green trees to feel fresh, it’s because there is space as well as air. Your apartment would be the place you would spend your most of your time, so there must be space as well as air too for you to feel relaxed, both mentally and physically.

Now let’s review a practical illustration on adding a hint of Apple green color in small apartment and find out on which particular spots the color can possibly be used.  Of course, the kitchen countertops and living room mats can have the shade you need.

Adding a Hint of Apple Green Color in small Apartment - 1x1.trans

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