Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Adds Old Charm

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We are living in high-tech modern era where we prefer modern interior home design. But fact is that Antique white kitchen cabinets style is still popular in this modern age of science and technology. Such cabinets never gone out of style and many homeowners prefer them over modular kitchen cabinets.So, if you are planning to grab old charm via them, then I am here to unlock many great design ideas. But before this I would like to tell you how to give antique touch to your existing cabinets. And what benefits come  along with the selection of white antique cabinets for kitchen.

How to Turn Old cabinets into Antique ones?

Many homeowners think that they always need new cabinets if they think of changing its theme. Well, it is just a misconception. You can easily give antique look to your existing cabinets. There is no need to buy new cabinets. All you have to do is to change the paint color of cabinets and do a bit of staining with dark colored stains. The main idea is to show that cabinets are worn out and they have perfect rustic feel that you always want to see. Distressing is another good option which you can try for antique look cabinets. Get a good quality of sandpaper and use it on cabinets; you need to show that wood of cabinets is aging gracefully.Staining and distressing are common practices that help you achieve rustic appeal for your cabinets. Both technique costs you a little and save your money which you might need for purchase of brand new antique white kitchen cabinets.

If you like to prefer Do it Yourself technique, you should watch some videos about how to get antique looks for kitchen cabinets. These videos will highlight every single step which is necessary to do this process. On the other hand, you can contact an expert who would like to do this job for reasonable fee.

What Benefits you Get with Antique White Kitchen Cabinets?

Here are some advantages which you likely grab with these kind of kitchen cabinets.

Selection of Paint Color is Simple

When you go with modern look, you have to spend hours for picking the best paint colors for kitchen cabinets. However, when you try antique look then you don’t have to face the same problem. You just need to pick soft colors that boost up overall antique look of your kitchen.

Money Saving Style

For adopting modern appeal in a kitchen, you have to spend a lot on perfect style cabinets, islands, wall paint, wall paper and other things. However, this is not the case with antique style cabinets.  You don’t need to think of perfect cabinets which cost you a lot of money. You can use low-price items for overall decoration of this kind of kitchen. So, this seems like a great relief.

Antique white Kitchen Cabinets offer old charm to a space. They offer soothing and welcoming touch to a space. You feel really relaxing while cooking in this theme kitchen. So, would you like to get vintage kitchen appeal? If yes then below you can find some great ideas.

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Design ideas

Here are some great ideas which guide you for getting antique kitchen look.


black and white antique kitchen cabinets decor and design antique white kitchen cabinets with grey white granite tops best granite colors for white antique kitchen cabinets beautiful ceiling lights to decorate white kitchen


Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Reflect your style

Antique white kitchen cabinets can define your kitchen space in an impressive language and way without your having to incorporate all the advanced technologies.When we talk of kitchen in the current times we know that this space can be nothing just a room without modern accessories, technologies and appliances.  Some features make this place more comfortable and convenient for us and these are storage cabinets and cooking systems. With these two features there is no way you can consider this place functional and useful in any home. As for the storage we know that there are many choices available at the disposal but the most comfortable ones are cabinets. The cabinets are being classified into different forms and styles these days such as contemporary, traditional, distressed and vintage.

The appropriate style is chosen for the relevant theme and so, more importantly sometimes interior designer mix their imagination with creativity to create a blend of two different themes at the same time by using traditional and contemporary decoration approaches. Their efforts result in a wonderful and extraordinary interior which speaks for it for certain.

small white antique kitchen white cabinets small space traditional kitchen design ideas antique white kitchen cabinets nice design ideas

A Touch of Elegance

As for the styles of cabinets we know there are many options but the most beautiful one is called antique. It’s a century old style usually but it does not lose its value with time. Antique white kitchen cabinets are considered one of the best storage choices even in this modern time where glazed cabinets are trendy- despite of all the new trends the old ones are still in place because they have not been outdated with the change occurring around. The reason why antique style cabinets are still being considered by homeowners are because they look wonderful and beautiful with little to no decoration, they have their own beauty which adds peace to the kitchen.

Some homeowners give their cabinets an antique look by staining them. Staining the cabinets is a good choice but there is room for mistakes if you are inexperienced.  Antique white kitchen cabinets aren’t very costly, you can always get a good bargain price if you surf the market. So if you think staining would work for you and it’s the best option for you now you can ask for the help of a professional cabinet designer, he will do this job more efficiently and effectively without doing any mistakes.

rustic white kitchen cabinets design look with black handles white antique kitchen design with beautiful candle ceiling lights white antique kitchen light fixtures floor design ideas for white kitchen


Though antique style is an old style but it does not mean it should look rough and very clumsy. You can use these old styles cabinets for your kitchen but they should only have a traditional old impression not the appearance. You can use gold and silver in them to make their designs to stand out.

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