17 Cool Attic Bedroom Ideas for Privacy Seekers

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Privacy seekers always need some separate cozy place. So, today i brought attic bedroom ideas for such people. Generally, when you have attic space in your home, you have to do its decoration after a little brainstorming. You have to deal with a small space and many times with low ceilings as well. You can’t do much with ceiling decor, that’s why you have to focus on other things. Let’s start exploring attic theme bedroom design ideas.

1.Spread Grey and White

white wash your wall and ceiling and then pick white furniture set. But one color which would make this space look modern is grey. You can choose this color either for wall decor or your flooring; it’s completely up to you.

White beautiful design master bedroom attic sloped ceiling

2. Curtains and Chandelier

Enhance privacy of this bedroom with simple curtains. And when it comes to decor, you can consider a fireplace and chandelier as well.
Low ceiling attic bedroom idea

3.Wallpaper Setting Tiny Attic Ideas

When you have very limited space and you still want decor then floral theme wallpapers come handy.

Attic bedroom sloped ceiling decor and design


4.An Adorable Book Shelf

When space is limited but you still want something in your private kind of room, then you should grab a book shelf. You can use this shelf not only for book storage but also for some sort of room decor. Set some decorative piece in a few shelves.

Attic bedroom ideas for kids

5.Cute Pink Touch

All white bedroom will look stunning when you add a tint of pink in it. You can add pink rugs and blankets with some cushions.

Tiny attic bedroom


6.Attic for Two

When you need to set  bedroom for two persons then you should prefer wooden theme and setting for ceiling, wall and bedroom furniture.

Teenage attic bedroom ideas

7.Hidden Closet

You might not get some space for a big closet in your attic bedroom, so you can go with inside wall hidden closet.

Grey and white sloped ceiling attic bedroom design for girls

8. Black and White theme

This theme is quite common when it comes to bedroom setting, so you can try the same for your master attic room.

Attic bedroom design for two people


9.Bedroom and Bath Combo

It is a modern design which you can follow. Prefer white bath tub along with white master bedroom furniture set.

Attic bathroom and bedroom designs

10. Tiny Girly Attic 

Need to set this room for a girl? Here you get an idea of setting a closet and bedroom with built-in drawers.Girls bedroom attic style

11.Attic bedroom for boys

Teen boys like blue and red theme shade as these colors are from American flag. In addition, many super heroes wear dress in either of two shades. That’s why you can set their room with this theme. They would like this amazing bedroom design  ideas.

Teen attic bedroom design

12.Simple Yet Cozy

When you don’t need much in your bedroom like wall decor and storage then this simple design is what satisfy your need.Small attic bedroom decor

13. Extra Privacy

You can separate this kind of bedroom from rest of space with the mean of heavy modern curtains.

Attic privacy bedroom and design vintage theme

14.Tiny Attic bedroom ideas

Add some shelves on the single wall and then set it with painting and books.

Attic meaning

Sloped ceiling attic bedroom ideas



15.Zinc Mix

When you need a little change in your wooden theme bedroom then you can change window curtains. Pick zinc and dark color curtains.

Master attic bed set and decor with wooden floor


16 . bedroom storage ideas

As space is small and you want to store more things, then you can prefer some bed that comes with built in storage option.

Attic bedroom storage ideas


17.Attic Master bedroom idea

Spread dark grey on wall and floor. Next step is to buy white vintage furniture set , side table and accent chairs. White shades will work as the best window treatment for this kind of bedroom.Attic master bedroom ideas

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