Wooden or Metal Baby Furniture Crib Buying Guide

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Parents who want to adore beauty of a nursery room with baby furniture often get confused. They find it difficult to decide whether they should choose a wooden crib or just a metal one. If you also face the same issue then today you find it easy to make this decision. All you have to check this articles which highlights advantages and disadvantages of wooden or metal crib furniture for baby room. In this way, it becomes easy for you to decide what is suitable for you and what seems unsuitable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Furniture: “Wooden Crib”

Let’s start with pros of wooden baby crib.

Enormous variety:

You are able to find a wide variety of designs and styles, when it comes to wood crib. Whether you go with local shops or designer brands, you always have diverse options to choose from. You can opt for wooden finish or simply color cribs, it’s always depend on your preference and theme of baby nursery room. The best colors are pink, purple, blue and green. From light natural finish to very dark brown, you can grab tons of finish options in wooden baby furniture. No matter you have set theme  as French, Classic, Retro, Traditional or whatever, you definitely find this kind of style in online or local stores.


If you get wooden crib from top brands then you are able to change this crib into bed or dresser in future. You just need a few parts which change a crib into a full-fledge bed or dresser in no time.

Disadvantages of Wood Crib

Not really Strong:

If you make a comparison of wooden crib baby furniture with metal one, it becomes clear that wood is not really strong. It is vulnerable to scratches which affect overall finish or look. In order to maintain beautiful look of a wooden crib, you have to use some finish markers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Furniture “Metal Crib”

Ultimate Style Offer:

If you working on modern baby nursery decorating ideas then simply you need metal crib. It enhances overall beauty of room and turn it into an elegant room. You can find metal crib with varied colors and themes. Top designers offer cartoon metal cribs such as bunny shape, horses, etc. You can adore expensive crib beauty with cheap nursery bedding.


Metal crib is stronger than wooden. Therefore, you can see it in different hospitals. It comes with optimum stamina and strength.

Disadvantage of Metal Crib Baby Nursery Furniture

Limited Variety: You can not locate a wide variety in metal cribs. If you have a proper theme for baby nursery room, then it might not be easy for you to get everything in metal. You have to make a combination of metal crib with wooden cupboard and other baby nursery furnishings.

Wrap Up:

In short, both kinds of baby furniture items have pros and cons. It is you who have to decide pick one base on his preferences and wants. You surely have to invest more money on metal crib than wooden crib but fact is that this investment would offer return for long time.In case you want to set a complete baby nursery room theme then you are able to easily find all kind of baby room furnishings such as dressers, side tables, crib, etc.

Explore Wooden or Metal Baby Crib Designs


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