Barbie Doll House Cute Barbie Furniture for Girls

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When a glam girl wants to relax, she needs a glam getaway. This wonderful house is the seamless place for Barbie doll to refresh and recharge. Plus, a latch and carrying handle means this getaway home is also the perfect play set to take on a getaway of your own. Open and unfold to disclose a cute kitchen, delightful bedroom, and fixed bathroom. Barbie doll can make a meal at the stove and dine at the counter on one of two included chair stools so there’s room for a sister or friend

New barbie doll house designs and looks

Accessories, like a teapot, cooking pot and plates, make for a doll-vicious meal! Plus, a unique feature keeps the pieces in place. The bed, with its soft goods blankets, looks completely cozy, while the modern pink chandelier adds a glam touch. In the en-suite bathroom, a toilet, shower and towel rack with a striped fabric towel makes the perfect place to get ready and dressed up.

Explore Cute Barbie Furniture sets

Girls will love playing out fabulous stories in this glam home! House includes kitchenette with two stools bedroom with bed, nightstand and side table fitted bathroom with shower and toilet and lots of themed accessories that include cookware like a teapot and pan, dining pieces like plates, utensils and cups, bedroom accessories like an alarm clock and pillow, bathroom items as hair dryer and perfume bottle and a vase of flowers doll not included. House features working door plus carrying handle to fold up for on-the-go fun.

Doll House Features

When a glam girl needs to relax, she needs a Barbie house as well which must have the following features.

  • A latch and carrying handle means this getaway home is also perfect on-the-go!
  • Open and unfold to reveal a cute kitchenette, adorable bedroom and en-suite bathroom
  • Colorful accessories engage girls’ decorating skills, while a unique feature keeps the pieces in place!
  • Girls will love playing out fabulous stories in this glam home.
  • Furniture includes contemporary designs like the transparent bathtub which can also be used as a rooftop spa, modern dining table and two chairs, sofa and cozy-looking bed
  • Additional accessories add to the storytelling possibilities, like a towel for the bath, place settings for the kitchen and doll-sized tablet device for living room entertainment
  • It’s the ideal townhouse for a Barbie doll’s on-the-go Malibu lifestyle because, with Barbie, you can be anything
  • Includes townhouse with working e

    levator and pop-up umbrella, furniture and accessories

  • Colours and decorations may vary.


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