Basement Ceiling Ideas- Suspended Vs DryWall Pros and Cons

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Homeowners don’t pay much attention to basement ceiling ideas and interior of a basement. But if you really want to utilize your space in the best manner available then you should consider some exposed design ideas. I’m going to share some amazing ideas in the gallery. Once you done with gallery discovery, don’t forget to check three options of ceilings for basement.

If you want to hide your ugly ceiling then here are some effective style ideas for you.

Suspended Ceiling/Dropped Ceiling

It is indeed a common solution which most of the homeowners consider. It consists of metal bars grid work. Metal bars are in the shape of upside down  T. The main benefits of suspended basement ceiling is that you don’t have to move wires, pipes and ducts. You don’t need to make joist straight for finished flat ceiling look.It is very easy to add light fixtures, all you have to do is to remove a panel and fix the thing.

Dropped suspended ceiling cut the unwanted noise you get from above area of home. It offers easy access to cooling, heating and electrical system.

Problems with suspended ceilings is that it eats up headspace in the basement. If you don’t want to sacrifice space them you are looking for alternative ideas.Long cup shaped white black bathroom pedestal sink Basement ceiling ideas for low ceilings Best black basement ceiling ideas Black ceiling for basement Cheap and easy basement ceilings wooden

Drywall Basement Ceiling Ideas

This is the best option you can get when it comes to low design ideas. Your headspace won’t be comprised at all. It is not an easy to set basement and require some effort from your side. But the best thing is that it brings professional look to your basement. In order to increase your headroom, you need to relocate wires and pies and then to install the drywall  ceiling. You also need to box all the ducts, so you can grab a clean and beautiful look.

Explore some Basement Remodel Pictures

Drywall design comes with fire-retardant qualities. It is also an inexpensive basement ceiling ideas for you.Cheap way to finish a basement ceiling Diy basement ceiling ideas Exposed basement ceiling ideas living room with velvet sofa Inexpensive ceiling covering ideas Tray basement ceiling finish Unfinished basement ceiling ideas Rustic basement ceiling ideas Modern basement ceiling ideas on a budget Modern basement ceiling finish Low basement ceiling ideas

You have got details of both basement ceiling ideas. Now it’s up to you to pick the right option for your basement.

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