Pick Right Type of Bathroom Tub Material

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Are you going to install bathroom tub? It’s time to wait for awhile and know about different materials options available in the market. This knowledge would help you pick right kind of tub. So, let’s dig down into this knowledge now.

Cast Iron Tub

If you need something long lasting and durable then you should need a tub made of cast iron. Such tubs comes with porcelain coating. If you take good care of such tubs then you don’t need to replace it for long time. This means that if you invest on this kind of material, you are going to enjoy return on this investment for very long time. Good thing about them is that they are super easy to clean and you don’t have to use some strong techniques to take scratch off the surface. They are very heavy, so they require solid structure support.

Steel Bathroom Tubs

Steel tubs look similar to cast iron but their weight is lighter than latter. You can easily install them wherever you like, no need to think about very solid base structure. You need to take good care of them because if underneath metal surface get exposed then rust is common.know how to Clean a Bathtub.

Acrylic Bathtub

This kind of bathtub looks similar to cast iron or steel but fact is that it is lighter as compared to both material. It is prone  to scratches but good thing is that its repair is quite easy. The best thing about this kind of bath tub is that you are going to find a wide variety of shape, size and designs in it. They are famous all over the world.

Fiberglass Gel Coat Bathtub

This kind of bathtub is made of fiberglass material and has gel coat over it. If you need a tub that offers very sleek and glossy finish then this type is certainly your best option. It is quite easy to clean them. What makes them less desirable is the fact that they are less durable in comparison with acrylic and metal bathtubs. Get cracked easily if you hit its surface hard.

Composite Bath Tub

This type of tub is made of composite material while its surface is fully enameled. If you need cast iron tub finish but at an affordable price then you can go with this option. It is light weight. You also need to keep in mind its disadvantage “ its cracks easily”. So, investment on this type of bathroom tub won’t offer you return for long time.if you get stains don’t worry know 6 best ways to remove bathtub stains.

Marble Bathtub

If you need beautiful finish and look in  your modern bathroom then you can get via marble bathtub. This type is made from  crushed marble and resins. It looks are similar to quartz. Good thing about this bath  tub is that it is easy to clean and you don’t have to worry much about stains. But this material comes with a downside. It cracks are irreparable. It is a brittle material and prone to scratches if handle poorly.

In simple words, every material has some advantages and disadvantages. You have got complete picture of every material, so always pick one material that seems perfect to you.

Let’s Check out Different Material Types of Bathroom Tub Pictures

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