Beadboard Backsplash –Shopping, Installation and Cleaning Guide

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Do you need an affordable kitchen backsplash idea? It is suggested to go for beadboard backsplash. This backsplash is available in a very reasonable price in the market. Another good thing is that you can go withDIY approach. It is really easy to install the backsplash own your own. You can add a Victorian touch to your kitchen space easily with panels. People prefer beadboard backsplash over tile because many times panels are more affordable than tile.

What is beadboard?

As the name says, it’s a combination of board and bead. It is a type of panels made out of wood planks i.e. board and a small indentation i.e. bead. In the beginning, beadboard was only used for kitchen cabinets but then it started appearing in bathroom. Now it has become popular not only for the kitchen cabinets but also for the wall backsplash.

Amusing glass backsplash kitchen white chevron beadboard backsplash with kitchen decor

Genuine Beadboard vs. Beadboard Backsplash Paneling

You have two main options for this backsplash in the market. One is genuine and hand-made and second is manufactured board named as beadboard paneling.

Since hand-made involved labor therefore you have to pay more for this kind of beadboard. But when you need an affordable option then  paneling seems like the best option for you.Beadboard backsplash pros and cons white kitchen shelves Beadboard backsplash over tile white and sky blue kitchen

What to Consider When Buying Beadboard backsplash?

When it comes to go for shopping of  backsplash kitchen, you need to consider some important points.

Look at the width of the board and depth of the bead. A wider board will enhance beauty appeal of your kitchen. As far as narrow boards are concerned, they are good choice for large kitchens.

Make sure that you buy the beadboard backsplash with deep beads as such patterns add an orginial  look and avoid fake appearance.

Keep in mind that you have to spend more effort on cleaning very deep grooves, so when you don’t like to clean much then less deep beads would be a good choice for you.

Buy a beadboard with neat and clean touch, you don’t need a messy look beads. This kind of beadboard wouldn’t enhance beauty elements of your kitchen.

Beadboard Backplash DIY Installation
  1. Here are some simple steps you need to follow for installating a beadboard.
  2. Measure the space where you are going to install the backsplash.
  3. Measure how much trims your board needs.
  4. Cut the board according to measurement. Make sure it fit to the measured space.  Also cut the sheet to fit around any outlets you have in the kitchen.
  5. Now set it to the wall with the mean of nail gun. Whenever you are going to install beadboard backsplash over tile, make sure to use some glue and adhesive as well.
  6. Cut trim to fit this board.
  7. Caulk and paint
  8. That’s it you are done with  paneling for kitchen backsplash installation

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Paint it to some beautiful colors

Most of the time, people use white paint for the beadboard which looks great when you have white kitchen cabinets. But you can add modern touch to  backsplash tile by painting it with different colors such as light blue, dark grey, pink, purple, etc.Vinyl beadboard kitchen backsplash kitchen wooden cabinets with glass doors Grey and white kitchen backsplash beadboard Beadboard paneling for kitchen backsplash yellow and brown kitchen Beadboard backsplash kitchen teal and white kitchen designs Beadboard backsplash photos

Know About cleaning

Since there are no joints in panels, so you have to worry less about moisture and mildew. A little scrub is enough to clean it. As this board is made of wood, so you shouldn’t use harsh cleaners. You can find waterproof beadboard backsplash panels, which are super easy to clean. A water proof version cost higher than a normal panel you find in the market.


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