Beautiful Fireplace Mantel Designs of the 21st Century

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They say that a fireplace should be good enough your heart warm even when there is no fire on the grate.  Home is the only place where we spend much of time. Fighting with the cold outside is not as easy as it seems if you have no place in home to warm up your body as well as soul. The electrical heater does the good job of keeping the environment warm but it also has some potential damage, it must not be installed or used in a home where kids wander here and there.  Even it’s installed in a safe place, there is a still possibility of its causing the damage, it’s a kind of an artificial source of heat which cannot do much good to your mood.

Surprisingly there are some marvelous, beautiful fireplace mantel designs of the 21st century that would make your home more adorable than it is now. Let me tell you that market is not short on the designs- you can get your hands on antique mantels, wooden mantels and polished mantels. Even there are some mantels which are duly customized on orders, they can be ready on order, people can do handwork,  manual carving in the designs, and much more settlements in the shape than the ordinary designs you usually find on the market.

Fireplace mantels with the marble or stone fronts are also good, they remain stable and cold, they are also safe because they are not combustible.  Contrary to wooden mantels they remain cold even the fire burns for hours in the fireplace. Some particular designs may require you to raise a wall panel near the fireplace, so if you are feel like buying and installing a mantel in sitting room you need to do when the construction is undergoing in the space, it would be hard for the construction worker to work on the strongly built walls for the installation later.

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