The Best Fireplace Mantel ideas to Warm up your Room

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The temperature is falling outside because it is winter, you just came back from the snow, the body is shivering very badly you feel like freezing, your body needs some warmth to settle down. You switch on the electrical heater but it is not very comfy, you cannot sit in front of it all the day long, instead you want to watch movie by sitting by the side of fire. How about sitting by the fireplace in the sitting room?

fireplace mantels designs

Modern design of fireplace mantels

Did you know that fireplace mantel is considered as an essential facelift of the room, it is more important to have one or two mantels installed in your home if you are living in a country where winter is like a long season and the cold is hard to get rid of?  It is very important to create a warm environment in your home to protect body from unwanted effects of winter such as frost bite, dermatosis inflammation and the list goes on.  There are many types of fireplace mantels, you cannot say that a particular type is better or worse until you have one in your home. According to modern interior décor, more designs of fireplace mantels are being created by the companies, these designs sometimes come with additional features in order to suit the need of the customers.

Not to mention that fireplaces have been focal points of attractions in homes so they have to be special and extraordinary because they can make or break the impression. The idea of beautiful fireplace cannot be conceived with the fireplace mantel.

fireplace mantels best ideas

Brick fireplace mantel ideas

How many types of fireplace mantels are available in the market these days and what would be the best pick for my new home? There are tons of fireplace mantel available, ideally you pick one form many designs and have it personalized according to the size and shape of the fireplace you have in your room.

After the First World War, fireplace mantels were growing in the popularity because they were regarded as the modern addition to every home then. Every affluent, rich or middle member of the society would install one in their home on the name of attraction and beauty. The only material used in the making of mantel was wood, oak wood was extensively in use for the same purpose, even some rich owners would hire some workers to get the wood carved manually before having the mantel installed in the final steps. The more money spent the more beautiful each nook of the home would be, this is what they believed.

Now days there are an alternative option available for you just in case you don’t want to use wooden mantel for the fear that it may catch fire for being highly combustible and that solution is varnished or polished fireplace mantel, it’s cheaper than the wood, in some cases it can last longer than usual.

Oak wood fireplace mantel ideas

best fireplace designs

oakwood fireplace mantel designs

mantel ideas oak wood

Oak wood fireplace mantel ideas

Simple wood fireplace Mantel Ideas

mantel designs

simple white fireplace mantel design

best fireplace mantel

Wood style fireplace mantel decor

Rustic wooden fireplace mantel ideas

rustic fireplace mantels

Rustic decor of living room with rustic style fireplace

fireplace mantel rustic

Rustic fireplace mantel designs

Stone fireplace mantel ideas

mantel designs ideas

Stone fireplace mantel designs

best fireplace designs

Stone fireplace mantel ideas

Marble fireplace mantel ideas

marble fireplace decor

Stylish marble fireplace

fireplace marbles

Marble design for fireplace

Antique fireplace mantel ideas

fireplace mantel designs

Antique decor of fireplace mantel

best fireplace mantels

Antique fireplace mantel ideas

Contemporary fireplace mantel ideas


Brick fireplace mantel ideas

home mantel decor

Contemporary fireplace mantel design

fireplace mantel design

White brick fireplace mantel designs

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