Black kitchen Replaces White in 2015

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If you love to follow style trend of 2015 then you need to know that Black is New White in 2015. It simply means that you need to deviate from traditional white or grey themes for the kitchen. Dark black theme is getting popular in New Year. People who are planning to get perfect finish look in their kitchen must opt for black. Actually, people like something different and new. They don’t want a kitchen that their mother had. They need bold and dramatic look in kitchen.

black kitchen decor

dark Black kitchen with bright color countertops

Application of black theme in kitchen isn’t a hard job. You can start this task by browsing and selecting cabinetry. You can get either black cabinets or paint existing cabinets black. Definitely second option is budget friendly but if you care too much about style then you should care less about price. Check branded or designer black cabinetry. It is main element of beauty in your kitchen, so if you have to pay a little extra for it then don’t care a lot.

silver grey oven black kitchen

Back kitchen with silver Grey oven

kitchen modern sink and light

Big back cabinetry, chandelier and modern sink in kitchen

silver touch black kitchen design

Black kitchen with a little silver touch

Next important thing is flooring of black kitchen. Wood seems to be a good choice but it is not a great option. Silver or grey tiles in black kitchen seem to be a fantastic idea but it will surely cost you a little more than other options. White floor compliments black cabinetry a lot but it is no doubt a traditional theme. So, when we talk about modern then you need to think beyond traditional horizons.

modern black kitchen

Wood flooring in black modern kitchen

modern black kitchen pictures

Black and white modern style kitchen

kitchen sink black

Stylish black sink design for kitchen

Coutertops of black kitchen must be black. You can go for either granite or marble. Second option will cost you more but it always look wonderful. In case your kitchen theme is getting very dark with black cabinetry and backsplash tiles then you can give another color touch to this space with grey black, white, silvery grey or other color combination countertops. Grey black or white black granite countertops are affordable and normally look good.

countertops black kitchen chairs

Big black kitchen with proper sitting and big countertops

kitchen countertops mrble

Black marble countertops in kitchen

Small kitchen appliances often come in black color, so they can easily compliment over black kitchen theme. In addition, it works well with aluminum stove, refrigerators, fixtures and similar items. That’s mean it is not very hard to have a theme that match perfectly with existing items of kitchen.

kitchen design

A little white touch in cabinets, light and countertops of black kitchen

black kitchen cabinetry

Black painted kitchen cabinets

Browse best black kitchen decoration ideas, so you can apply latest kitchen theme in your own space.wou


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