21 Blue Bedroom Ideas You Love to Copy

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Those who like to stay in cool and comfy place always search for the best blue bedroom ideas. The reason is that this color scheme is quite soothing for the eyes. Normally, it is considered that boys like blue color scheme while girls go with pink. It is right but not all the time. When comfort is your first priority then it doesn’t mean you are a girl or boy, a light or dark blue bedroom scheme is what you should consider as a part of your next bedroom remodeling plan. Today, I will unlock 23 decorating idea for blue color scheme in your bedroom.

1.Matching -Matching

From wall to floor, you can match almost anything. A little tint of green in this blue white decor seems chic.


ight blue bedroom with zeal touch bean bags and accent chair

2.Graphics Wall Painting

Have blue bedroom furniture? Set it along with white-blue big wall painting. Don’t forget to hang pendant lights on both sides of artpiece.

dream bedroom blue theme

3. Dark Blue Walls

You certainly don’t need blue furniture all the time. Just spread dark blue on walls and set your white furniture sets which is easily available everywhere.

dark blue wall paint ideas

4.Teal Impact

You don’t need to stick with normal blue shade all the time. Go with Teal and silver , this combo is super perfect .
light blue bedroom with luxury curtain design and graphics wall designs

5.Light blue bedroom

Fantasy impact is given to wall with white and light blue stripes. Won’t you follow it? I would love to try it for boy bedroom. Set white bed set with shiny blue cushions and you have a dreamy place to sleep for.
light blue and white bedroom stripes paint with blue cushions and white furniture

6.Little White

Okay, you don’t want to deviate from your dark blue bedroom theme. No one, forces you. All you have to do is to add some other shades as well. White is a must for floor or ceilings. Setting white small wall painting of photo frames make your bedroom look fabulous.

dark blue wall decor and paint

7.Luxury Touch

It is a must when you have sufficient money. Spread luxury velvet bedding set and go with very dark bedroom background wall.

dark blue bedroom with beautiful background

8. Cherry Red Tint

When you have blue for your wall, curtains and bed set , it is suggested to add some vintage cherry shade closet and cabinets. A unique theme cherry wall painting on the top of cabinets would make the real difference in overall room interior. Try it. The best thing could be a purple couch or ottoman.

dark blue bedroom furniture vintage style


9.Blue Wall Decor

Wall finish won’t be achieved only with blue wall paint. You have to think about a little more. Go with chic wall decor items and add white ceiling lights.

dreamy blue bedroom design

10. Dark Blue Bedroom

White with blue is common but what is unique is the color selection. Go with dark blue shade and add brightness with white hue.

blue bedroom wall interior curtains and carpet

11. Stripes wall Idea

This is one of the most amazing blue bedroom ideas you should try. Keep one wall plain blue and adore the rest of all with white-blue stripes. Also select stripes style rug.

blue bedroom with stripes paint idea

12. All Size Mirrors

Need something charming? We all do, so go and give a try to reflective round shape mirrors of varied sizes for  dark blue wall decor.

blue bedroom wall paint with white furniture and desk

13. Printed Walls

Change background of your bedroom from plain blue to printed wallpaper. Don’t forget to set a glass closet next to your furniture set, it would offer ultimate sparkly reflection.

idea source

blue luxury hotel style bedroom with modern chairs and glass cabinet

14.Chevron Black-white Print

No doubt, black-white chevron and stripes designs would make your blue bedroom stand out from the crowd.

blue and black bedroom

15. Blue Bedroom Bedding Set

Make your room cozy and sleek , simply by adding a good quality blue bedding set that brings sheet, cushion and comforter in one sleek shade.

blue bedroom decoration and style with pendant lights and lamps

16. Background Lights

Add sparkle and glam into your blue bedroom with fancy lights and pendant style lamps.

blue bedroom color scheme

17.Dark and Light Family Colors

Don’t stick with just one shade when two can make the real difference in bedroom decor. You can add brightness impact with white sheers.

blue and white modern bedroom simple decor idea

17. Map Decor

Setting white board map at the side or back of your bed set seems like an elegant idea. What you say?

cozy small bedroom with wooden furniture blue bedsheet

18. Wooden Shade

Add some wooden shade hues in your blue decor and see how beautifully it could turn for you.

blue bedroom furniture modern design with chairs and matching rugs

19. Think of Lemon/Peach

You can add some new shades with your bedroom theme. Go with yellow or peach as they make good combinations.

blue and lemon furntiure

20. Floral Wall Decor

You should think of doing Snowy white flowers decoration on blue wall. Girls would love to try this decoration.
beautiful light blue bedroom decor

21. Focus on Lights

You can make your  bedroom decoration stand out easily through luxury pop ceiling with ambient lights and chandelier.

blue and white bedroom with modern style bedroom set

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