The Unconventional Guide to Broom Closet

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Broom closet is a must for home, as  broom and other cleanings supplies are not those items which you like to put on a show.  You need to hide all cleaning items in the best way and that is none other than setting them in a closet. Today, you will get an idea about different placing for building this kind of closet. In addition, you would be able to discover some amazing design and organization ideas.

5 Best Places for Broom Closet Placement

Here are some places where you can set this closet.


If you have a large kitchen space, then definitely you can keep broom and other supplies in a cabinet. You have many cabinets in a kitchen, so it is quite easy for you to designate a specific large cabinet for this purpose.


If your garage is not very far from your home, then definitely you can build a closet in this area. Your garage has other tools as well, so try to create a build closet with many cabinets. A big cabinet will allow you keep not only mop, broom, cleaning supplies but also some tools and machines.

3.Kitchen Pantry

If you have a big  kitchen pantry then you need to get a separate cabinets for keeping your home cleaning supplies and tools. A big cabinet is usually require with one shelf. Keep all supplies in a big basket and set in on shelf. Place mop, brushes, wiper, broom, etc in a standing position in a tall cabinet.

4.Storage Room

Another best place to keep your home cleaning goods is this one. You can build a closet for broom in it or just grab a free standing broom closet. Both options allow you to organize these items in the best way.

5.Organize Laundry Room

It is a common place of keeping all essential cleaning related items, tools and machines. So, if you have separate laundry, then use one cabinet for sole storage of a broom and other cleaning supplies.

Must Consider Size of Broom Closet Cabinet

When you are going to build a separate closet or a cabinet for home cleaning supplies, then you have to pay close attention to dimensions. As you have to keep sweep, dustpan,push, sweetbase ball, witch broom in a cabinets, so you need to keep in mind tall structure of all such items. In another words, length of cabinets should be more than 84 inches (normally a standard length). So, if you are going to build closet own your own or simply going to customize it then you should go with right width, length and depth.

Fantastic Design ideas of Broom Closet

Now it is time to check some great ideas. No matter you need this kind of closet for home or office, you surely have to know about the best ideas- that help you make a useful and also a beautiful closet for your home. Explore them and share your comment with us. Like what idea you like to copy.

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