Browse 3 popular shapes of living room sectional sofa

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Living room is a place where you have to spend most time of your day. Your kids stay in this room while enjoying their favorite cartoon movies while you like to eat snacks along with latest midnight bulletin here. In short, it is a room where every member of your family has something to do. So, it is always good to keep one thing is mind that you have to pick a sofa that can provide seat for everyone. Living room sectionals seems to be a great choice. You are able to give your living room an instant style with sectional sofa set. Before you buy any set, you must need to know three very popular shapes for this kind of living room sectional sofa.

3 Famous Shapes of Sectional Sofa

Whenever you visit a sectional store, you would be able to browse three popular shapes there. It is good to get complete understanding of them before you pick any of them.

L-Shaped Living Room Sectional Sofa

It is a common shape that looks modern and chic always. Generally, you are able to see square shaped center table with this kind of sofa set. One thing that you need to do before visiting any store is to get accurate measurement of your living room. If you don’t do this then you may choose the wrong shape sofa. L-shaped sectional sofa always seems good for wide area room. They take more space than other shapes and you can’t remodel them as you can easy do with modular sectionals.

sectional sofa for living room

Modern style of L-Shaped sectional sofa

best shape of living room sofa

L-Shaped sectional sofa

living room with sectionals sofa

L-Shaped living room sectional sofa

U-Shaped Living Room Sectional Sofa

This is a shape that looks wonderful in almost both wide and small living room. This shape is not as open as L-shaped sectional sofa is. Circular coffee table always compliments this shape. It is good to set some cushions over such sofa, just to enhance the beauty of sofa and also to give some comfort to a person sitting on it.

living room sofa design

Modern design of L-Shape sectional sofa

living room sectional sofa design

U-Shape Sectional sofa living room

living room decor sectional sofa

Brown u-shaped  living room sectional sofa

Semi-Circular Shaped Living room sectional sofa

Generally, you see this kind of sofa in waiting rooms or public places but it doesn’t mean you can’t get them for your home. Of course, you can set them at home. Circular shaped tables perfectly match with this specific design of sofa.

best living room sofa circle shape

Modern semi-circular sectional sofa for living room

modern sectional sofa

Semi Circular Sectional sofa Shape

best sofa for living room decor

Stylish Semi Circular  living room sectional sofa

Now you have an idea of three popular shapes of living room sectional sofas, it would be very easy for you to pick the best shape according to your living room’s area and your budget.

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