Cafe Curtains- Curtain Rod Buying Guide, Colors and Clearance

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Cafe Curtains adds a sense of style and persona into your window treatments. They bring privacy factor into your room. When it comes to selecting the material, you can opt for either linen cafe curtains or cotton cafe curtains. Both fabrics look great. Fabric is not the only thing to consider when it comes to design of this kind of curtain, you also have to know what kind of curtain rod you needed and what must be the color and pattern.

All About Curtain Rod

For hanging Cafe Curtains, you need to install a curtain rod above window frame. Make sure that curtain rods are installed 4 to 6 inch above the window frame. When you install your curtain rod higher than your window frame then your windows will look taller. So, it is a tip you can use when you are going to hang cafe curtains.

When you want to make your curtain look wider then you has to extend your curtain rod. Modern Cafe Curtains usually have many pleats and they look great when you have a long rod.White lace curtains with valances

Simple kitchen cafe curtains Wayfair cafe curtains with matching valances

Cafe Curtains Colors

When it comes to colors then you can either blend the color of your cafe curtains ikea or pop the whole theme.  You can match color of your curtain with the wall, this will offer you a chic and cozy blend. In case you want your cafe curtains Pottery barn to stand out from the crowd, you can choose some dark shades and vibrant colors. Most of the time, blue works great as it brings soothing impact into the environment.

 Care and Cleaning

Many people prefer to have white cafe curtains since they make your space look clean and tidy. But when you have an garden close to window then this is not a great idea. You shouldn’t pick white as it will get dirty very easily. Within a few weeks, you will see heavy dirt that will change the shade of your cafe style curtains walmart from white to cream and beige.Modern cafe curtain designs white zinc Linen cafe curtains white Kitchen curtain valances Jcpenney cafe curtains

How to save money ?

If you have tight budget and still want to decorate your home with curtains then it is suggested to opt for cafe curtains clearance. During every big shopping season, top brands come with clearance sale. Off-season sale is another great option that let you save money on such curtains. Ready-made cafe curtain amazon are often available at half price during clearance sale period.Cotton cafe curtains Colorful cafe curtains target Cafe curtains pottery barn yellow Cafe curtains for kitchen martha stewart with valances Amazon white cafe curtain designs Amazon cafe curtains


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