Cathedral Vaulted Ceiling Designs Pros and Cons

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Anything other than a flat ceiling is known as vaulted and cathedral. When you don’t want to have flat , pop or tray ceiling then a bit of drama can be added into your space with the mean of Cathedral Vaulted ceiling designs. Let’s explore some amazing design gallery below.

Catherdral valuted ceiling ideas for living room white black
Catheral valuted ceiling design ideas

Cathedral ceiling vs Vaulting ceiling

Mostly people think that Cathedral and Vaulted ceilings are same but it is not right actually. They look alike but with a little difference. According to architectural definition, a cathedral ceiling comes with equal steeply sloping sides symmetry which meets at a ridge in the middle of a room. Most of the time, it mirrors the pitch of the roof structure.

As far as Vaulted ceiling is concerned, they are not created by using the same pitch as the roof has. This ceiling could have unequal sloping side, a single sloping side or a curved one. Sides are often framed using engineered scissor trusses. Now you know the main difference between both ceiling styles.  You have a chance to explore some amazing vaulted ceiling pictures in above gallery.Cathedral ceiling vs vaulted ceiling Cathedral ceiling framing Crown molding cathedral vaulted ceiling white kitchen Half vaulted ceiling design Vaulted ceiling beam designs for kitchen

Cathedral Vaulted  Ceiling Designs Pros

Here are some main benefits you get from this ceiling.

  • This ceiling design makes room airy and wide.
  • It makes your rooms look bigger
  • This Ceiling framing makes your overall room more attractive and eye-catching.
  • A cathedral ceiling in a living room allows you to hang a big chandelier from the roof and add some drama into your overall space.
  • Every person who takes an entry into a room with crown molding vaulted ceiling will get first notice this ceiling. In other words, this kind of ceiling boost up visual interest of people.
  • Wooden panels brings vintage and rustic appeal to your space.

How to decorate a living room with vaulted ceilings Cathedral ceiling vs vaulted ceiling Cathedral ceiling family room ideas Cathedral ceiling dining room


Here are some problems with Cathedral ceiling house.

  • It is very hard for everyday upkeep. If you get this ceiling and your bulb fused then you have to ask someone to change the bulb. It won’t be easy for you to clean this very high ceiling easily. So, if you are planning to have it then you should consider this point as well.
  • Cathedral ceiling bedroom doesn’t look really cozy. It is good to avoid getting cathedral ceiling in your bedroom, if you want warm and cozy touch

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