20 Best Christmas Window Decorations Ideas

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Christmas is the most joyful time of the year. Every homeowner opt for creative Christmas theme window decorations just to add a welcoming appeal for guests and family members. The soul of this festive day of the year very much depends on the home design and decoration. When you decorate home windows, doors and other parts of home with Christmas theme, then you really feel great. Every member of family likes to take part in Christmas event window display ideas for home.

20 Cool Christmas Window Decorations Ideas

Kids are always really excited about Christmas since they know they would have a chance to grab so much fun on this day. Therefore, they take part in indoor window Christmas decorations. Some of them are ready to go with DIY Christmas day window decorations ideas. They go creative, just to decorate their windows in a different way from other kids’ home. Today, I would like to share some amazing Christmas glass window decoration ideas with you. Let’s find out what I have for you.

1.Candy Cane Sticks

Suspend some ribbons from the curtain rod and then hang red and white candy sticks from the windows. It is one of the simple Christmas window displays you can try.Candy cane window decoration ideas for christmas

2.Christmas Theme Stickers

It is a cheap window decoration and design idea you can go with. All you have to do is to buy window stickers and then paste it on the glass stick. Peel and stick stickers are available in a wide variety of designs. Pick a design you like and let your decoration stand out from the crowd.Cheap christmas decoration and design for windows

3.DIY Wreath

Instead of buying traditional Christmas wreath, you should design your own. For this purpose, you create a wreath with the mean of red and white ribbons. Hang them in the middle of the windows and it would create the ultimate charm.Cheap window christmas decorating ideas

4.Cozy Candle

I really love this creative Christmas glass window decorations. For this purpose, you need to buy hanging candles. Set your candle stands next to your glass window. The dim light of candle would create a magical impact in the dark.Christmas light up window decorations

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5.Christmas Tree with lights

When you have bay windows then it means you have a large space for decoration. It is suggested to keep a small Christmas tree there and decorate it with string lights. You also need to set some candle lights for extra charm of your windows. Christmas lights for inside windows must be colorful just to enhance beauty of glass windows. One who looks at the window from outside would be amazed from this kind of decoration.Christmas lights for inside windows

6.Outdoor window Christmas decoration

When you have an outdoor window then you can use some string lights and hang them to make an eye-catching display. Also set white Christmas tree alongside a green Christmas tree wish card for making your decor simply perfect.Christmas window decor ideas with lights strings

7.Hang Ornaments

Grab some golden Christmas ornaments and hang them from your window curtain rods with the means of ribbons.Christmas window decoration with ornaments

8.Santa Mickey and Minnie

Hang a thick white curtain from your windows and tie them together. Now put santa theme mickey mouse and Minnie mouse ; you are all set.Christmas window decorations for businesses

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9.Stars and Hearts

It is a DIY Christmas window decoration idea. You can set Christmas theme hearts, stars and ornament on your outdoor window. Red candle lights would add a fantasy touch to this decoration.Christmas window decorations lights

10.Christmas Deco Wreath

Using wreath for glass window decoration is a traditional style but still it looks very eye-catching.Christmas window sill decorations ideas

11.Colorful Ornaments

Add different colors to your  window with the mean of attractive and colorful Christmas ornaments . Hang theme from the rod and let their suspension enhance aesthetic appeal of your living room windows.Easy christmas decorating ideas for windows

12.Simple Christmas Window decor

Thrrer are many people who don’t like fancy appeal, they want something simple and beautiful. It is suggested to use white as a prominent shade for selecting stars, snowflakes and other Christmas ornaments.Easy christmas window decoration ideas

13.Snowflakes Curtains

This is the most popular style all over the world for Christmas glass window decoration. All you need to do is to hang this Christmas theme curtain and it would bring the much needed charm of this festive season.Flower and vines window decor christmas party Simple christmas window displays curtains

14.Christmas Window Valances

Another simple decoration idea for Christmas is to get Christmas theme window valances and hang them from the rod. That’s it and your windows will look simply charming.Indoor window christmas decorations

15.Creative Christmas  Calendar Idea

Every one who likes this season, start waiting for the special day. So, why not create a calendar that ends at 25 December? Isn’t it a great idea? What you say?Lighted christmas window decorations indoor

16.Decorate your Dining Room Window

Since your family members are going to together on this special day. Therefore, it is really important to set a beautiful Christmas theme dining table. And when it comes to glass window decoration next to table then wreath with pink or red ribbons would be the best Christmas décor idea.Lighted window decorations glass windows dining table chairs decor ideas for family christmas event

17.Christmas Art Items

You can buy some art items for the Christmas window decoration. It simply means buying some candles, snows flakes and reindeer and put them next to windows.Simple christmas glass window decor

18.Hanging Wreaths

Instead of buying  a big Christmas deco wreath for the center decoration of a window, you can buy a few small one and hang them with the red ribbons. Hanging wreaths will look simply the best.Simple design ideas for christmas decoration

19.Star Suspension

Stars and snowflakes are important things in Christmas decor. Make the most from them when it comes to christmas window display ideas home.Stars christmas window display ideas home

20.Christmas Gift Design

You are going to present special gift to your loved one on Christmas. So, what you can do is to hang these gift boxes next to your windows and enhance their excitements.Window decoration ideas for living rooms

Now tell me what idea of glass window decoration you would like to try on Christmas.


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