Clawfoot Bathtubs for Modern bathrooms

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No matter how advanced the technology is and how many innovative bathroom accessories have been arrived in the market, people don’t want to compromise on their bathtubs because they need comfort instead of entertainment- for the clawfoot bathtubs are considered the best choice. If any company is offering  a tub integrated with a plasma television and lights within the design of the set, it may be offering a big bang for the money, however if you don’t feel comfortable in the tub while taking the bath, you will feel that you have wasted your money. In other words, the major purpose of any bathtub should be to give you a nice bath experience instead of entertainment and other utilities- the additional stuff would lose its value suddenly if you don’t find it valuable. The bathtub does contribute a comfortable body cleansing instead of a television attached to it. So whenever you buy a tub, keep in mind that it must do the task it is designed for or else it’s just a piece needs to be stored in a museum instead of installing in a bathroom.

Metallich black clawfoot bathtub with the shower

Antique blue claw foot bathtubs for blue bath

Vintage bathtub with golden claws

I must admit that not even the widest swimming pool provides the facility of regulating the temperature of the water the way modern clawfoot bathtubs do. The bathtubs are designed artistically for the modern bathrooms, they are a good insulator of heat and cold- it means that the water would remain warm and cold for the longer time period, depending on the temperature of the bathroom itself.

Printed Clawfoot bathtubs for bathrooms

Peach clawfoot bathtubs

modern black clawfoot bathtubs for bathrooms

Besides being a good insulator,  clawfoot bathtubs are good for the décor of the bathrooms, they are available in different colors. They also compliment with the overall setting of the bath. They are made from Acrylic usually, but sometimes the designs may have metal or cast iron in it depending on the design.  The common styles include dual slipper bathtubs, dual bathrooms and roll top bathtubs. The only common factor is the claw underneath the design, it’s like there are two legs under a big bowl to make it stand.



Clawfoot Bathtubs for Modern bathrooms - 1x1.trans

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