How Cocktail Ottoman Adds Glam into Your Living Room

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You normally get inspiration from Hollywood living room furniture as it looks simply adorable. What makes that living room different is unique kind of furniture setting. You normally see cocktail ottoman instead of coffee tables. This simple change really makes a big different in overall setting of a living room.

How to Add Luxury Living room Effect?

If you want to grab the same look then you have to do one simple thing. Replace your coffee table with a modern style ottoman and that’s it. No more fancy things you need to add. This simple replacement would add a bit of glam into your living space.

It is a fact that living room furniture plays an important role in overall decor. You have to pay a close attention to it.A cocktail ottoman is different from a coffee table ottoman in its look and style. You can find an array of style and design in it. Therefore, you never found it hard to find one ottoman that fits well in your overall setting.

You might have a beautiful sofa in your living room. No need to spend money on another sofa. However, you need to spend money on your ottoman purchase. When you are going to pick this furniture item, you would discover many different options.

Different shapes of ottoman: Yes, you would be able to discover round, rectangular and square shapes. Now the question is what shape would be suitable. The answer is simple. Consider your existing living room sofa. If you have a simple sofa set then any shape would look great. But you need to pick either square or rectangular shape ottoman to complement a sectional sofa set. The reason is that you need to match the angles of furniture.  Round shape ottoman would only look great when you have semicircular shape sectionals otherwise it would look odd.

Color Selection: you can match color of cocktail ottomans with your furniture, if its color is black, white or brown. If you have purple sofa then try pink ottoman as such color combination enhances overall grace and beauty and make your living room quite adorable. You can find ottomans in varied colors and shades, so try to play well with colors.

Plain or Nailhead: You would be able to grab two styles in a cocktail ottoman. A plain and simple ottoman seems like the best idea because you have to use it as a serving table. You need to keep tea cups, plates and tray over it. Therefore, it is good to prefer flat surface. In case you don’t like to serve guest in your living room and want to use ottoman as a seat then you can go with nailhead design. This style is uneven and quite soft. It works as a relaxing seat and footrest.

Dig into 14 Fascinating Cocktail Ottoman Designs?

It is right time to discover some beautiful designs that would simply intensify your overall living room appearance.

wicker black ottoman with wicker white sofa set for outdoor room decor skin english sofa with brown nailhead ottoman with try designs round offwhite ottoman cocktail design with brown leg purple ottoman nailshead with grey living room sofa grey button back sofa with white cocktail ottoman grey white ottoman with white sofa and cushions in small living room offwhite traditional sofa upholestry with blue cocktail ottomans printed fabric cocktail design ottoman with lining accent chairs and sofas printed white black ottoman with light color living room sofas green printed ottoman with skin english sofa 3 and 1 design fabric printed ottoman cocktail designs with fabric sofa set brown cocktail ottoman with tray for living room beautiful cocktail designs ottoman with fabric sectional sofa for country living room beautiful brown living room sofa upholestry design cocktail ottoman with storage

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