10 Corner dresser Decoration and Design Ideas

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Corner dresser might not be the focal point of your bedroom but it is a piece of furniture that needs your complete attention. It has been observed many times that people pay  more attention to bed and sofa selection and less attention to side tables. This is not a good approach. In order to enhance beauty and charm factor of your bedroom, you have to select every single furniture item of your room with care and full attention. Today, I will share some beautiful dresser decoration and design ideas with you.

Paths included

Paths Included

Why you need a Corner Dresser?

Here are some reasons which make a dresser very special for your bedroom.

Storage and Size

You need a dresser, because you have to store many different things in it. If you don’t have a dresser, you have to rely completely on your closet. You can store small things in an organized way with corner chest of drawers furniture.

Depending on your storage requirement, you need to select the size of your corner dresser. If you want to keep small things like lingerie, bathroom accessories, hosiery and makeup items then you need a dresser with few drawers. But when storage requirements are more , you  need to buy a tall corner dressing table with more drawers.Corner chest of drawers furniture

Beauty Touch

You can add a sense of style in your bedroom with the mean of a  dresser. Instead of buying a normal dresser, you should buy a dresser that fits in the corner. This kind of furniture item would hold the less space but offers the same function to you. These days, triangle corner vanity table are high in demand. You can put this shape in the corner wall and it will compliment this area of your bedroom to a great extent. Tall corner dresser white

What Are Different Styles of Corner Dresser?

When you explore market, you can see a wide variety of styles. Here are common styles which you have to choose from.

Classic Design

This style takes inspiration from European dresser designs of 17th to 19th Century. Wooden dresser with intricate designs brings an elegant touch to your bedroom. Antique and vintage styles make your bedroom’s corner look super amazing. Old style dresser usually comes with intricate frame having an oval shaped mirror. But you can buy a corner vanity dresser with mirror or without it.Corner chest of drawers furniture Triangle corner dresser woodenDresser that fits in corner

Contemporary Designs

This style is simple and free from intricate patterns. As they have a plain design, therefore they bring a minimalistic appeal in your bedroom. The knobs of dresser chest of drawers are usually made of ceramics, stones, and metal.Triangular corner dresser in different shadesRustic white corner dresser idea

Modern Styles

This style is perfect for those who care more about style. Normally, it makes a great combination with modern bedroom furniture sets. Dark wood is used to add chic element to this style. Not more than three drawers are added to one unit. You cannot find tall corner vanity table easily.


Black corner dresser table designs Modern corner dresser designs

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