How to Create Perfect Feng shui living room?

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People who believe in Feng shui home layout always like to know how to set their living room according to this approach. Good thing is that it is not hard to follow this approach; you only need to follow certain things. Today, I will make it easy for you to explore cool Feng Shui living room ideas. In addition, I let you know about basic points that help you do decoration of this room in a right way.

colors for living room

Living room color scheme

Seating Pattern in Living room

Most of the time, people do a common mistake. They usually set seating such as sofa, chairs, stools, etc far away from one another. Sometimes, a couch is set 10 feel away from a chair. This is not a right thing. According to Feng Shui seating layout, sofa must be set against a wall. When you don’t have a wall to put sofa against then it is better for you put a console behind it. You also need to leave few inches of breathing room between sofa and wall. You don’t need to put up chair and sofa against different walls. It doesn’t mean to set seating too close to jam an area.

living room sofa designs

Feng shui living room sofa set

white living room

Chic white living room

living room designs

Best designs of living room

Flow of Living room

When you are going to set Feng Shui living room then you need to pay attention to flow. That’s mean you shouldn’t hit with any furniture item. Set items in a way that there is enough space for walk. In case living room is connected with another room then walkway must be clear.

sofa set for living room

Stunning living room sofa design set

Feng Shui Living Room Coffee Tables

Generally, interior designers prefer oval or circular coffee tables over square or rectangular; because such shapes let the energy move freely and easily. There must not edgy angles of table pointing at people. Though circular coffee table is considered the best for this living room but you can add item of other shapes as well. Square, rectangle, triangle and round shapes represent earth, wood, fire and metal respectively. You can grab balance feel in living room by adding all such shaped items.

living room unique sofa designs

unique sofa design in a living room

living room sofa set

Semi-circular sectional sofa set in a living room

living room designs

Best designs of living room

TV in Living room

In Feng shui bedroom, you don’t need a TV. But you can definitely set a TV in living room. If a Television is a focal point for every family member then you can put it on a central location. Otherwise, you need can skip it or place it on a less than central-spot.

living room sofa designs

Cream Living room sofa

Windows Setting in Living Room

You can cover your windows when you get distracted from outside view. Sometimes outside view is not pleasant, so it is good to hang crystal in the window for redirecting energy.On the other hand, when you love to enjoy seeing life go by then you can go with uncovered window.

Brown Feng shui living room arrangments

Brown Feng shui living room arrangments

feng shui living room

Feng shui living room layout

living room colors

Best designs of living room sofa

Colors in Feng Shui living Room

When you are going to decorate a living room then you need to go with rich and saturated colors. Deep blue, eggplant, red, etc are quite energizing. Dark green is another great idea to try. You can literally play with bright colors.

color for living room

Cream and yellow Feng Shui living room

living room ideas

Cream and black chic Feng shui living room

living room color scheme

Red and cream Color scheme for living room

living room colors

color scheme for living room

Light in Living room

Try to keep your feng shui living room well-lit. If some areas are in the dark then they represent neglect of certain aspects of your life. You need to activate energy through different lighting sources. Install chandeliers in the central space and put fancy lights in the corners of rooms.

living room designs

Best designs of living room

sofa design for living room

Living room light, fireplace and sofa design

living room sofa design ideas

Modern style of living roomfeng

Keep these points in mind and make your own Feng Shui living room.

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