How to Set a Dark Bedroom Theme

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There are many people who prefer to stay in dark bedroom because they to see brightness. Dark room is always cozy and relaxing. So, if you have a plan to set this kind of room then you should know how you can follow this theme.In this post, I would like to share some dark themed bedroom pictures with you. In addition, you will get some tips which let you design this room with ease. 

Choose Shades

The first step in this kind of room interior is the color selection. Since you want to create darkness impact that’s mean you have to pick warm dark shades. Black is the common color for this kind of room. But again you have to think outside the box. Some new shade in dark tone can be used such as dark blue, dark zinc, or dark green,etc. The main idea is to keep darkness intact in this space.

So, you have to select colors not only for the walls but also for your furniture and floor. If you need complete dark area, it means that you need to stick with one single shade like black or brown. But when you want to make your room different then other shades like skin, white, blue, silver, gold,etc can be blended with the rest of theme.Dark bedroom

Dark blue wall decor for bedroom with beige curtains Silver and black bedroom with dark walls

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Beautiful Walls

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to wall decoration. Keep things simple and easy with plain paint. The  best shades are black, dark grey, brown, zinc and dark blue,etc. But again you can try some other shades which you think can create the desirable theme.Brown bedroom with white furnitureDark themed bedrooms Dark brown bedroom walls with skin and black furniture Small dark bedroom design ideas skin white theme


Dark Cozy Bedroom

One thing which you shouldn’t forget while doing dark interior is your very own comfort. You need very soft mattress, you can change its cover shade time to time just to match it with the room theme. One month, you can keep your mattress shade black to have a perfect match with black room walls. Another month, you can replace its cover and go with dark brown, silver, or dark grey,etc.

Apart from a good mattress, you need some accent chairs and ottomans as well. Some expert interior designers try to make a contrast with the overall theme. Sometimes, they add tint of new shade light dark orange, red, green,etc in the form of a chair or ottoman. You can follow the same approach because it is super trendy.Dark bedroom Luxury black and brown bedroom dark curtains designs modern look and tv


Modern Vs Traditional Bedroom Furniture

Most of the time , people select a very modern dark bedroom furniture set since it enhances the beauty of a space. But you can deviate from this general rule by picking a traditional furniture and making its a contrast with white wall shade. What do you think? would it be a good change?Brown dark bedroom furniture designs idea traditional look skin walls Dark black wall of bedroom with beige brown furniture set and fancy chandelier lights

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Do Wall Art a bit

Create a contrast in your room with the mean of wall art. You definitely don’t need some lights and accent textured on the walls. The best wall art is to use some photo frames. But you can hang some dark decorative items, just to make your dark themed bedroom look quite attractive.Dark bedroom design ideas zinc white room and bedding

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