Dazzling Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

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Dorm room is a home away from your home. You have to spend much time in this space, so it is good for you to decorate it in a beautiful manner. It is a place that relates to you somehow, so you pay attention toward its decoration. Let’s check very cool dorm room ideas for girls, so you get a chance to know how to decorate your own space in the right way.

Play with different colors

Want to make your dorm room completely different? It is possible when you play with many different colors. There is no need to put on one color when use of different color can make your room very unique.

colorful dorm room

Colorful dorm room decor

Bright orange Color for Dorm Room

Girls love to use bold colors in their room. A usual color is pink but you can make the real difference with bright orange. Add this color wherever you want. You need to use it in a way that when a person looks at your room then first color that pops in his mind is Orange.

orange dorm room for girls

Bright Orange touch in girls dorm room

Girly Pink Dorm Room ideas

Girls can’t keep themselves away from pink. So, it is better to try this color scheme for your own dorm room. Soft appearance can easily be achieved with it. You can easily find pink girl style bedding for dorm room bed.

decoration of girls dorm room

Cute pink dorm room decor

Nature Green Color in room

Many girls who want to keep them close to nature often opt for light green color scheme. There is no need to overdo this color. You can add it in room as a rug, carpet, curtain, blanket, etc. Don’t forget to place artificial plant vase in your room just to get complete eco-friendly look of your dorm room.

girls dorm room green

Nature green dorm room ideas

girls dorm room decoration

A little green touch in dorm room

Purple Dorm Room

Need a fascinating dorm room? You should go for purple color scheme. These days, you can easily find purple bedding, bed set and remaining items.

girls purple dorm room decoration

Purple dorm room ideas for girls

Blue Dorm Room

If you need something really simple then you need to go with blue dorm room ideas. There is no need to put a lot of effort on decoration. You should add blue color only to your bedding, rugs, decor items, side wall, etc.

dorm room girls

Blue Black dorm room for girls

best ideas of girls dorm room

Purple-Blue Dorm Room for girls

Pink and Black Marilyn Monroe Inspired room

If you are quite conscious about beauty and style then you would definitely like to go with pink black dorm room ideas. You need to blend both colors in the perfect way. Don’t forget to make dorm room wall attractive with the most beautiful Marilyn Monroe picture frames.

best dorm room decor ideas

Pink and black dorm room ideas

I’m sure girls would like to try any of these cool dorm room decoration ideas

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