Decorative Bamboo Wall panels and Bamboo Screens for interior

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The instillation of Bamboo wall paneling is so prevalent these days in beautifying the garden, patios, living rooms, and bathroom in the home. Bamboo is usually imported from Indonesia in order to build decorative screens,fences, room dividers, room organizers, wall panels and ceiling panels for the interior.

Bamboo bathroom dividers between vanitie and toilet

Bamboo wall panels can transform the appearance of the room giving it more modern yet old style, cabin and barn makeover. Those love wooden artwork would definitely love adding bamboo panels in their interior for dividing two parts of the room or organizing two different areas using bamboo screens as they help provide privacy to the same area that is built without doors. Bamboo fence screens can help organize one big area into multiple separate rooms, such as a big living room can be divided into a sitting area and serving table area.
Bamboo wall panels add elegance to the room, interior designers normally use normal trendline bamboo rolls or dark woven bamboo panels on the walls in order to create harmony in the interior. Dark one may work well where the room is well-lit and well painted with light colored paint whereas the normal trendline bamboo wall paneling is good for almost any type of room environment, it goes well with any type of wall color paint as well.
Decorative bamboo privacy panels enhance the interior of the bathroom as well, they can be installed to part the toilet area from the main bathroom vanity section. Ideally a free standing bamboo dividers would do the job but if you want something more decorative you may want to add more details to the panels such as recessed lighting right above the area where bamboo  wall panels are installed.

Free standing bamboo  fence screens are other ways to divide and organize a big area but they are normally used in the garden area where privacy is more concerned and needed.  They are used for garden fencing in the area.

Decorative Bamboo Wall panels and Bamboo Screens for interior - 1x1.trans

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