Sharing good information is vital. We believe that users’ interest can be improved in the content if it contains good material such as images, multimedia video and informative resources, all this stuff together puts in a soul in the information you are offering. For the same reason, we are making the most of good images to reference the work properly and to support its effectiveness.  All the media content is taken from across the internet after we make sure that it is not licensed /copyrighted by anyone and is being offered for free under public domain. We are taking proper measures in making sure that no licensed work is published here without the prior consent of the individual, company or artist who holds the rights to it. However, if you have noticed that we have overlooked this part somehow, it might have happened unintentionally because sometimes nothing is mentioned along the media and it looks as If it’s being offered free. If you are a legitimate owner of any image which has been published here in the article, you can contact us immediately to ask for the removal. We will investigate the matter further and take down the file as soon as possible.


If your work has been used or published on Decorcrave.com by mistake, you can reach out to us by using the contact form before submitting any form to the authorities.  We respect intellectual and individual properties; we promise that no question will be asking if you make a request for the removal.  You can submit the request by giving us the link to the reference page or the work which constitutes copyright infringement. 4

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For your removal request to be executed effectively you need to submit a written statement with all the necessary information about the work and material.  It must depicts that you are the owner of the exclusive right that has been infringes or you are highly authorized to speak/act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right which allegedly has been infringed.

There should be a small statement to proof that the information notification being delivered to us is accurate in information/copyright claims being made.  Do not forget to add your signature in the form to assure that the form is legitimate and valid.

An immediate action will be taken if the claim is found legit and accurate. Contact us through the proper channels to make it happen. Any unsolicited emails regarding the claims will be left unanswered by the team of Decorcrave.com