DIY Bathroom Vanity Installation Step-by-Step Guide

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Changing your bathroom look from classic to modern surely requires some effort and planning from your side.  But keep in mind that right effort and planning would make your bathroom room very eye-catching and also increase it value.You need some DIY bathroom Vanity remodeling ideas to start your planning. The basic purpose of looking into such ideas is to understand what you really need and what you have to skip. Check some cool ideas along with tips just to make your bathroom vanity installation process pretty simple.

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DIY Bathroom Vanity Installation Step-by-Step Guide

DIY Bathroom Vanity Installation Step-by-Step

As you have planned to use DIY approach for bathroom vanity installation then you must keep in mind some important points.

  • Shut off the water and disconnect all supply lines to vanity before you actually remove your existing vanity.
  • Don’t forget to set bucket under pipes, so it can catch dripping water.
  • Loosen caulk of vanity by putting a screwdriver.
  • You need to be very careful while removing the vanity, don’t put extra pressure as it can cause damage to your walls.
  • Be patient while removing the vanity. Don’t do this work in hurry.
  • Make sure you have removed all screw before you move it.
  • Buy the best design of new Bathroom Vanity.
  • Locate the studs of wall with the help of stud finder.
  • With the mean of shims and a level, you need to set the vanity next to wall at a right angle.
  • With the mean of wallboard screws, you have to attach vanity with wall.
  • Before you attach vanity to wall with screwing, you need to make sure that you have flushed it with wall.
  • If you install new faucet before DIY Bathroom Vanity Installation then the whole process will become a little more convenient for you. In such case, you don’t have to get up and under your new vanity while you are installing it.
  • You need to secure the vanity top to the base with the mean of caulk.
  • Reconnect plumbing and check whether your vanity is working properly or not,
  • Caulk the countertop to wall as close as possible.
  • Now pick a cloth and wipe off any excess caulk or fingerprints.

Hurrah! You have done with DIY bathroom remodeling process. Try it at home.

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