Doglegged Staircase Designs for House

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Out of many shapes and sizes, one popular one is called doglegged staircase which is a simple form of staircase made with wood, glass, cast iron or wrought iron, in which a flight of stair ascents to a half-landing before turning into 180 degrees, and continuing upwards. Due to its unique shape and structure, it is also called sectional, as one sectional ascents to a half landing before another sectional starts at 180 degrees and so on.

Doglegged staircase wooden with cast iron railing

This is a simple dog legged staircase structure with black cast iron railing

Dog legged staircase design with wooden railings


Doglegged Staircase safe

Doglegged staircase is functional, compact and safe as far as the design goes. The design is very simple free of any flaw, it can work well in any environment, in a small house, or in a formal institution or building or in a large scale office where building is vast. Doglegged staircase design ideas

Contemporary metal stair railings on doglegged staircase design

Wooden dog legged staircase

Sorrento by carlisle homes dog legged staircase

simple wooden staircase structure painted dark

Staircase designs for homes contemporary white house doglegged staircase designs home interior pictures of tigers

Simple wooden dog legged stairs with glass rails

Glass hand railing is delicate it gives edgy look to the dog legged stair case


Doglegged staircase is different that bifurcated staircase because the design takes less space, it is ideal for apartment buildings and modern house architecture where area for staircase installation is usually small.

Dog legged staircase is one of the simplest form of staircases in which a flight of stairs ascends to a half-landing before turning 180 degrees and continuing upwards. It is also called this because of its appearance in sectional elevation.

Simple wooden dog legged stairs with glass rails

Glass hand railing is delicate it gives edgy look to the dog legged stair case

Modern simple design wooden treads single stringer straight doglegged stairs

Modern dog legged staircase with steel on the railing

Handrail of Doglegged Staircase

The only con of installing a nice doglegged staircase is that of a less smooth handrail experience as the sections are separated in the designs. In other words, the direction of the handrail changes right at the junction of the doglegged staircase where it turns. But in term of its function in a house it is safe, takes less space and comfortable to use even by elderly people. Not good or ideal if you want to install a staircase elevator or lift for elderly people though.

Minimalist doglegged stairs design pictures with white cabinet applied on the wooden floor it also has small glasses door design ideas

simple staircase design plan with iron railing

Dog legged staircase design ideas

Simple stainless steel base, glass railing on dog legged staircase

Doglegged staircase design for homes with black wooden enchanting dark brown bases on the stairs and images of wooden staircases office office desk design designs home dubberly corporate lobby industri

classic staircase design made of wood on the side of living room



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