36 Amazing Easter Decorating Ideas for Home

Do you need some amazing easter decorating ideas for home? I am here with a great collection of almost 36 home decor designs which allow you to take your easter egg decor to the next level. You don’t have to put a lot of effort on decorating because every idea is unique and super easy. In this collection, I chose images which make it possible for you decorate almost every possible corner of your home. From simple easter wall decoration to outdoor decor to table decoration with easter eggs. What is the most exciting thing about this collection is that it also unlocks some simple DIY decoration ideas which takes less time but end result is simply beautiful.

Easter Table Decoration

Table decoration is quite vital on Easter. You and your close family members have to enjoy dinner together on this table , so it should be decorated in a beautiful manner. Take a glass jar and fill it with colorful eggs. You can set this jar in the middle of table as the main focus point. Some people like to keep only red eggs with white table mats but again choice of theme is completely yours.

easter eggs dye in blue

beautiful home decoration with easter eggs and bunnies easter table wdecor with plum eggs white glass easter outdoor table decoration plants easter black and white egg paint designs easter decorating ideas for table easter tale decoration with blue eggs

Easter Egg Decoration for Wall

The simplest way to decorate wall is use to Happy Easter signs and hang them on wall. Another quick idea is to get bunny and egg stickers and paste them. You can draw bunny on paper and then color it. Cut some heart on hard paper and colored them as well. Now use thread and tapes to set your easter paper work i.e. bunny and hearts on walls. This seems like a simple yet beautiful idea.

easter wall decoration ideas wall decor for easter easter fireplace mantel decor plants happy easter for doors

Outdoor Easter Decorating Ideas

You definitely expect guests on Easter, so you have to pay attention to not only indoor home decoration but also to outdoor. One of the common decoration for home is to use birds nest and hang it on outside door with artificial eggs. This means that you are inviting hare to come and present you eggs. Another good idea is to use stuffed bunny and spread them in every corner of your garden. The most common approach that people use for outdoor home decoration for easter is keep colorful eggs in plants. Some people dig carrots inside the plants just to show that they are ready to attract bunny with his favorite meal.

easter bunny created for outdoor decor easter nests and eggs for outdoor decoration easter bunny and eggs designs easter bunny and egg signs for outdoor garden decorations

easter eggs decorating ideas for door easter outdoor decor with plants and carrots easter eggs for plants and bunny car outdoor vases easter egg decorating ideas easter outdoor decorations with signs and eggs plants easter bunny decor for outdoor outdoor easter decorations ideas plants with eggs easter door with nests and eggs

Place Easter Eggs Vases Everywhere in Home

Once you done with wall, outdoor and table decoration then rest of home areas don’t need much effort and attention. You need glass vases full of eggs and set them in an aesthetic manner. You can place different colors easter eggs or go for one single color like blue, yellow or red. ┬áKeep these eggs filled vases with flowers everywhere. If you have some artificial indoor plants or trees then hangs some artificial eggs with them. Always hang colorful eggs as they make your space simply attractive.

jar with colorful eggs for easter easter tray with red and white eggs and easter bunny decoration piece easter eggs hangs n plants easter indoor plants with green eggs easter beautiful grass and plants decor indoor Easter hare bunny and flowers easter egg decorating ideas paint them beautiful easter flowers and plants decor DIY easter decoration ideas easter egg vases and flowers easter glass vase with purple eggs filling and flowers

Parents must involve their kids in drawing and painting plans of Easter. You also need to tell them what exactly easter is and if they do good then Easter Hare/Bunny and Rabbit with brings eggs in a beautiful basket for them.Kids love to get gifts. Share some great Easter decorating ideas with them and they would love to do bunny and eggs drawings and paintings which you can use later for your kids room decoration.


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