How to Set an Eclectic kitchen with Elegance and style? Consider 6 Factors

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Setting an eclectic kitchen is not a tricky task but it requires careful selection of decorative pieces, cabinets and theme for your space. It is suggested to pay attention to a few factors before you implement this eye-catching style in your kitchen. Today, I would like to share details of these factors which let you get a perfect eclectic kitchen theme in your home. Let’s find out what these are.

Colorful kitchen designs blue purple yellow

Colorful kitchen designs blue purple yellow
  1. Pick One-Main Color

Fact is that an eclectic theme can have as many random shades and hues as you want. But it doesn’t mean that not balancing the shades. There must be one go-to main color which is prominent from very first look at your space. Whether you pick black or green as your main shade, make sure it returns quickly when it comes to floor, wall ,cabinet and other things selection.

Black and white eclectic kitchen decorated with plants Colorful pendant lights modern kitchen designs wooden countertops

  1. Make the most from Painted Boards

There are many homeowners who tempted to apply their selection paint colors on the wall directly. This is not a right way to select shades and mix them all around your space. If you do this then simply you are going to ruin your space before even you start decorating it.

A simple way to handle color mix task for your eclectic kitchen decoration is to use some paint boards. They will give you clear idea without causing any paint damage or increasing your workload during kitchen renovation process. You can paint them with your selected shades and then check the mixing later when you are free.

Blue and orange eclectic kitchen design ideas with breakfast nook Eclectic black kitchen designs


  1. Maintain Balance

Many people complaint that they can’t set an eclectic themed kitchen or simply they fail to set this style even after they try it multiple times. What they usually forget is to harmonize the whole style. A balance is only possible when you pick same scale and symmetry.

You are able to create design harmony simply by picking similar lines, shapes, and symmetry in varied styles and textures.  For example, if you are picking stripes for wall paint then you can select striped floor mat or printed strips cushion for your breakfast nook chairs.

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  1. Playing random is not the goal

If you think that anything can be set in your kitchen then you are absolutely wrong. For having a perfect eclectic kitchen appeal, you must have to try a few contrast style. Your kitchen shouldn’t feel a space where every other thing is just random.  It shouldn’t look distracting and crowded.

Eclectic red kitchen cabinets and red floor Grey kitchen countertops and cabinets eclectic look

  1. Try variety

You should add varied textures, styles, patterns and arts into your kitchen for an eye-catching eclectic appeal.  Make sure you pick unique cabinets, chairs and lighting that add mismatch impact into your kitchen.

Pink and red kitchen decorated with wall art White kitchen designs wallpaper Modern white kitchen with modern lights

  1. Keep Patience

One major problem every person faces during the eclectic kitchen decoration process is to lose confidence. A person set one thing at place and then quickly remove it just because it doesn’t look good there. You don’t have to do this. Let it sit there for sometime until you are done with whole renovation process.

Once you complete your background, cabinet installation, flooring and other tasks. After you are really done , give it another keen look and you will definitely feel happy to see how it adjust there beautifully.


I just hope that when you consider these 6 basic factors then you would be able to set an eclectic theme kitchen in a stylish manner.

How to Set an Eclectic kitchen with Elegance and style? Consider 6 Factors - 1x1.trans

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