How to Decorate an Eclectic Living Room ? Check Some Tips

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When you are confuse about your living room style then the best style you can pull quickly is eclectic living room. People think that setting this kind of theme means putting some random decorative items and furniture at one place. It is not the right eclectic theme approach. Today, I would like to share some tips which help you decorate an eclectic living room with an impressive style. And, I would unlock my collection along with each tip.

Black and beige living room modern designs with printed

Birds theme wall decor living room

You have to mix textures in this particular style. It means that you have to set both rough and smooth furniture in the same room. You can add some interest into your living room interior by setting some colorful pillows, area ricks, thick /weave fabrics. Setting a wooden art piece alongside a smooth metal piece is another idea you can try.

Blue modern living room designs ideas Black and white contemporary living room decor ideas

Don’t fill every corner.There must be some spaces in your living room which have nothing and they are empty. They would offer your eyes a quick rest after it wanders around with random art pieces.

Brown leather living room with random pieces decor Bookshelf settings in eclectic living room

Make sure your overall eclectic living room decoration must have cohesive look. For this purpose, it is suggested to use same color and texture more than two times. For example, if you pick plain blue fabric then use the same texture as the wall art or blue art pieces. The idea is to offer clarity in style and theme, somehow. It shouldn’t be super random theme.

Brown leather living room with random pieces decor Brown wall leather tiles on living room color cushion eclectic theme

If you are working on some art and craft items then definitely you will have a lot to display. But it is suggested to display a few items at a time, don’t display everything you have in one-go. When you pick a few pieces then it would be easy to look at it and then to praise it. However, your whole art work might feel lost or crowded if you display whatever you have.

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Don’t forget to set a layout before you even start eclectic living room decoration. Decide where your furniture item will go. What space will be used for wall art and where you will set some random art pieces. Make a sketch on paper for quick help and guide.Eclectic living room furniture ideas Eclectic living room on a budget

Many people think that this kind of theme won’t require any focal point while it’s not true. You should have to set a focal point. It doesn’t need to be a coffee table or side table. Be creative and set some decoration pieces on the side walls and even an accent wall could be the focus of your eclectic room space.Farm house living room eclectic decor ideas Eclectic living room with gold black coffee tables and blue white cushions

Don’t apply eclectic style only into your living room. If you pick this theme only for living space then this room would look disjointed from the rest of your home space. This is you never want. Make sure you add a bit of this style in every room just to offer a consistent style appeal all over your home.Pink sofa with black and white setting in a modern living room Peach pink and green living room designs with stylish coffee table Grey and pink living room designs

Your eclectic living room should be functional. It shouldn’t be only a decorative space in your home. You have to use it daily, so keep the utility point in mind when you are going to set it. You know how you are going to use it daily, so design it right way. For example, if you are a book reader then this space must have a book shelf.

Follow these tips and decorate an attractive eclectic living room.

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