Egg Chair Comes with Bubble, Hanging and Ball Design Variations

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The craze of egg chair was started  since 1960s when Danish Designer Arne Jacobsen create this masterpiece. This chair brings comfort and style side by side. This design by Jacobsen was an instant classic. These days, you can find both genuine and inspirational egg chair designs by Jacobsen. Indeed, original chair by Jacobsen cost is higher than an inspirational model.Yellow egg chair moon chair idea

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Different Egg Chair Styles

Here are some different style variation you can see with this particular . Let’s get to know this chair in a detailed way.


Ball chair

This chair was first decided by Eero Aarnio for his own home in 1966. The shape of this chair wasn’t exactly like an egg but it had a shell. Therefore, it is classified under egg chairs. The main idea of this chair is not only to offer a seat to its user but also to encapsulate him. The first ball chair was designed using fiberglass and aluminum. People love this chair because they can hide themselves while sitting on it. It seems like someone has offered you a great cover and privacy.Bubble chairs under 100 dollars

Bubble Chair

Ball chair by Eero Aarnio became so popular all over the world, so this fame pushed the designer to think different and big. Therefore, he came up with bubble chair idea.  He wanted to design a chair that could easily be penetrated by light and had a rotating base. Although rotating base got missing from the design but he successfully design a translucent ball made out of skylight acrylic. This design is also popular, you can find bubble chair under 100 dollars from the market.Bubble chair

Egg Chair Hanging

This is a kind that is designed with either ball or bubble design. You can hang them from the ceiling  and enjoy an amazing swing. This design is like by those people who want ultimate comfort into their life. And also those who love to swing while watching movies or reading novels.Egg chair hanging ikea

Suitable for Traditional and Modern Theme

No matter your living room theme is modern or traditional, this design offers great compliment. Leather egg chairs seems like the best option for modern living room theme. As far as traditional living room is concerned, you can customize a chair by using a fabric similar to your living room vintage or classic sofa. This high, wing-back and cradling style chair enhances aesthetic appeal of every space, no matter you set in classic bedroom or vintage living room.Retro egg chair metallic silver grey and brown Egg chair aluminum touch and designs Cheap egg chairs Animal print fax egg chair for sale

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