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Epoxy Grout Pros and Cons Help You Pick Right Tile Grout

When you install tile in kitchen and bathroom, then you surely need to use epoxy grout. Without it your tiles won’t be sealed properly and damage is possible. Epoxy grouting  seals your tiles and brings some other benefits as well. Today, I would like to share  pros and cons but first you need to understand an important point.

Epoxy grout vs regular grout

Why to Use Epoxy Grout?

You need to use a grout to seal your tiles in a perfect ways. No matter how tightly set tiles you get from the market, they won’t offer any protection against water damage. Joints of tiles will be sealed with the grout. This seal will make sure that no mold and mildew grow alongside your tiles. Since grout offers great protection against high humidity level environment therefore best material is used in bathroom, kitchens, swimming pools,etc.
What is Epoxy Grout? :

It  is a material made of epoxy resins and filler powder. Epoxy grout home depot Where to buy epoxy grout Where to buy epoxy grout guide

Epoxy Grout Pros and Cons

I would like to share some benefits of this material before I share epoxy grouting problems with you.


  • Durability: If you spend money on this sealer then you can enjoy its benefits for many years.
  • Water Resistance: It doesn’t absorb water like cement grout. Therefore you don’t have to worry about tile damage and destruction at all.
  • Stain-proof: Since no water damage is caused after you use epoxy grouting,  that’s clearly mean you don’t need to think about stains. In other words, shine and beauty of your tiles will remain intact.


Here are some problems you face with this filler.

  • Expensive: Yes, you need to pay high for this kind of material. Cement grout is available at low cost. But it won’t provide water resistance benefits. You need water proof grout especially for swimming pool, kitchen and bathroom areas’ tile.
  • Procedure: It is not easy to work with this material. You have to mix more than one components to have a perfect grout ready for tile sealing. If you are going with DIY epoxy grout installation, then you will notice that material is not as flexible as cement grout is. Even it is so hard to shape it around the corners.

Is epoxy grout waterproof How to install epoxy grout Epoxy grouting procedure

Despite some shortcomings, epoxy grout is high in demand among the builders and homeowners. It offers them great amount of water protection which help them save their investment on tiles.  Would you like to seal your kitchen tile backsplash or bathroom tiles with epoxy with grouting? Share your opinion with us.

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