13 Exposed Brick Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Pictures

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When you are planning to add a refreshing Scandinavian look and appeal into your space then exposed brick bedroom decoration seem like a great option. You can either opt for a standard brick wall or give a try to realistic brick wallpaper. You need to set this kind of wall as a background your bedroom and other room furniture. Today, I would like to unlock some amazing decorating ideas for a bedroom having exposed brick walls. Let’s have a look at my collection.Brick bedroom decoration with fireplace wall painting and lighting

People who like to opt for soft colors can consider brick walls in light shades such as peach, soft pink and similar. The minimalist approach to adore the wall is to install long wired pendant lights in front of this wall. The hanging impression of these lights would add a little drama into your space, especially at night time.

Bedroom interior brick wall idea

Normally, brick wall comes in one shade but you can opt for faux style. Add a bit of light peach, white and black with natural brick colors and this is how you can brings some colorful appeal into a bedroom. When you don’t want to have a textured wall in the background then another best place to set it is nothing but in front of your bedroom.

Brick bedroom wall decorated with white frame glass window

Adoring a faux brick wall with a glass window seem like a clever idea because it renders a more realistic appeal then having an accent background wall.  This reality touch would look great in one side while the main background of your bed can have a silver map on a white painted wall.

Brick featured wall idea

Whether a room has small space or large, an exposed brick wall would offer an inviting appeal into it. Mostly people set white bedroom furniture set to compliment brick shade wall setting. However, you should think outside the box and go for black bedroom furniture set.

Brick wall in a grey and white bedroom with soft cushion and wooden night stand

Don’t over do the decoration of your faux brick wall by hanging multiple paintings. Sometimes, less is more and same is true in this case. Set two black-gold frame paintings on it and then set a black-white modern table lamp on night stand.

Brick wallpaper bedroom ideas and designs

Some people like to have a wooden shade brick wall, just to match the background with wooden bedroom flooring. In such case you can have a Paris city wallpaper at one side while background of your modern bedroom furniture can have a realistic brick wallpaper in wooden shade. Don’t forget to set two different but same shades/size graphical painting over this wallpaper.

White brick wall bedroom designed with studio lights


When you have a plan to set a white and black bedroom theme then definitely a white brick wall would come for your help. Setting a vintage look black-white painting over it won’t be enough, make sure you also set black long wired studio lights next to your unique nightstands.

The brick bedroom frames

Another way to decorate an exposed brick wall in a bedroom is to have cute nightstands on the both side of your bedroom. Adore each stand with matching indoor plants and table lamps.Stylish bedroom graphic print black and white tree bedsheet and brick wall

Don’t be sophisticated all the time, think of some creative paintings which you can hang to decorate brick walls.

How to decorate brick wall bedroom modern way

Distressed brick wall seems like the best idea for adoring a bedroom. Girls who want to have some style not into their space opt for distressed look. A simple white painted nightstand with a tray of plant would be enough to decorate this space.

Faux brick wall in bedroom ideas

Graphic look brick wallpaper are becoming so common to enhance beauty of a bedroom background. When you pick a dark grey brick wall shade then you don’t have to do much for its decoration.

Exposed brick bedroom decorating ideas Keeping brick wall at one side of your bedroom is not usual but a great change. You can decorate your plain white background of bed with your own painting.

Brown and white brick wall decorating ideas in a bedroom

Generally, same sized photo frames are used in the decoration of a brick background wall in a bedroom. You can opt for an exception by placing varied size photo frames in the center of the wall.

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