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Feng Shui Dining Room Decor Ideas and Tips

So, you have decided to set a Feng Shui dinning. The next important step for you is to know how to do it. I’m here to share decoration tips along with some really great ideas to try.

What type and shape of Dining Table you need?

As you are going to set a dining table according to Feng Shui approach, so you first need to know about dining tables. When it comes to shapes of table then you can go with square or rectangular tables. Circular table is indeed the best choice for this kind of room.  You need to set wooden table instead of glass. Actually, many people get over-protective when they sit close to glass table and it causes nervous energy. You need to avoid this.

dining room designs
Yellow chairs with glass table in dining room
dining room design china style
Classic Feng Shui Dining room
dining room decor
Decorate dining room

One common mistake people make while decorating this specific room is about the size of table. They place either too big table in a small space or too small table in a big place. This create imbalance. You need to avoid this. You need to get a table that is neither too big nor too small proportionate to overall room space. There must be adequate space for everyone to walk around. Guest should feel locked in when they sit.

dining room tables
Red wood tables for Feng Shui dining room
feng shui decorate tips
Feng Shui dining room decoration ideas
table of four dining room designs
table of four dining room

What to do when you use Dining room occasionally?

In many homes, dining rooms are often neglected. People like to come in to this area only when they have to serve their guests. This thing deplets its energy and makes it less attractive. You don’t need to do that. It is good to set a plant in this room, so you can come to water it time to time. Also keep your table free from mails or kid’s stuff.

best dining room ideas
Plants for dining room decor
dining room designs black
Black and white dining room
feng shui dining rooms
White modern Feng shui Dining room arrangements

Chandelier and Light in Feng Shui Dining Room

When it comes to décor of a dining room then we always think about chandelier. Crystal Chandelier is indeed a great option to try. You need to go for it when you it works great with overall style of this room. Don’t forget to consider other reflective metals just as brass, nickel, bronze, etc. You can enhance beauty of this room via metal sconces, warm wood, mirror, and similar things. When it comes to light then you should try to avoid fixtures that focus light only at one point. Focal lights or spots are not good options; you need to go for ambient light.

orange walls and black dining room
Black chic dining table with orange back walls
living room lights
Feng Shui Dining room Chandelier
best light design for living room
Dining room light designs

Rug for Dining Room

When you want to make this room warm and intimate then you can consider placing rugs here. This decor seems impractical when you have kids. You need to get rustic or handwoven rugs, only to make this room simply appealing.

Follow these important tips when you are going to decorate your own

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